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- Boston-based 908 Devices offers a new hand-held tool for trace-level chemical detection and identification. The M908 uses high-pressure mass spectrometry to provide users with analysis of chemical and explosive hazards. The battery-powered device is designed for operation by users in full personal protective equipment. Environmentally hardened to commercial and military standards, the detector analyzes trace or bulk materials in liquid, solid, and vapor forms. Alerts are provided in seconds.


- The SelectaDNA High Velocity System from Selectamark of Locksbottom, United Kingdom, allows law enforcement officers to mark individuals in a crowd or at a distance with a synthetic DNA trace mark so they can be apprehended at a later time.

Background Checks

- The Hire­Right FastForward solution allows a parent organization to easily and conveniently offer its independent entities a pre­approved employment background checking solution that aligns with its own policies and helps protect its brand, reduce liability, and improve the quality of new hires.

LexisNexis Screening Solutions


Lexis Nexis


Financial Investigation

- Fortent of New York City has introduced an advanced case management tool to support its financial crime software suite. The new system allows banks, securities firms, and insurance companies to standardize and streamline the investigation process.

Anti-theft software

- ADT Security Services, Inc., of Boca Raton, Florida, has developed a software tool that allows retailers to share information about crimes to detect patterns and prevent future occurrences. A retailer can log information about the date, time, number of people involved, and the type and quantity of merchandise taken.

Crime Risk Database

- CAP Index, Inc. has announced the completion of its 2007 U.S. database. The new information is now available on the CRIMECAST System, which allows Internet-based access to the company’s crime vulnerability database.



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