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Intrusion Detection

- Honeywell of Louisville, Kentucky, has added radar capabilities to its line of Vindicator security systems. Vindicator customers have access to compact surveillance radar systems from SpotterRF of Orem, Utah. These systems can detect intruders along perimeters when traditional radar systems are not practical. The devices, which weigh less than four pounds, use standard Ethernet cables and feature built-in Web servers. They are effective in monitoring wide areas, including bridges, dams, and oil fields. Combining Vindicator’s command-and-control platform with the radar systems makes them ideal for high-security projects. Vindicator’s integration with Pro-Watch access control and MAXPRO Video Management System allows customers to have a com­plete security solution from a single manufacturer.

Intrusion Detection

- Minneapolis-based SICK has announced a powerful new surveillance solution for its LMS Laser Measurement Sensors using software developed by Ohio-based Savvux Technology Solutions, creator of The HawkEye Effect software. This combination enables seamless integration of the company’s LMS devices with Milestone XProtect video management software. The HawkEye Effect uses GPS-style coordinates to provide timely, automatic responses to critical incidents for the security industry. The HawkEye Effect software has been customized to interface with SICK’s LMS Laser Measurement Sensors for perimeter guarding and intrusion detection applications within building security and automation.

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Motion Detector

- RISCO Group USA of Melville, New York, has introduced the Industrial LuNAR intrusion detector. The ceiling-mounted unit can be installed up to 28 feet above the ground and has anti-cloak technology to detect intruder camouflage attempts.

Thermal Imaging

- L-3 Communications of New York City has launched the Thermal-Eye Renegade-320 thermal imaging system that can operate as a hand-held device, a tripod-mounted surveillance system, or a thermal weapon sight.

Infrared Detectors

- Xtralis is offering a new generation of its ADPRO PRO external detectors. The highly sensitive, standalone passive infrared detectors detect human targets by sensing temperature differences between them and the background.

Intrusion Detectors

- Bosch Security Systems, Inc., of Fairport, New York, has expanded its line of Professional Series Intrusion Detectors with two new models that feature multipoint antimask technology with integrated spray detection. The new technology uses patented prism lenses and active infrared detection to protect against known forms of attack, providing protection against sabotage.

Seismic Detectors

- New from Bosch Security Systems of Fairport, New York, are two new safe and vault seismic detectors, the ISN-SM-50 and ISN-SM-80. They use the patented SENSTEC sensor and microcontroller-based signal processing system, making them ideal for 24-hour monitoring of safes, ATMs, night deposits, and strong-room walls and doors.

Motion Detection

- Bosch Security Systems, Inc., of Fairport, New York, has released version 2.0 of its Intelligent Video Motion Detection, which sets new standards for reliable detection both indoors and outdoors. It uses advanced video content analysis to detect moving objects while suppressing false alarms.

Infrared Motion Detector

- Bosch Security Systems of Fairport, New York, has introduced a passive infrared, ceiling-mount motion detector with many new features. The Bosch ISN-CC1-100N has a low-profile design that is less than two-thirds the height of the previous model.

Intelligent video cameras

- CoVi Technologies of Austin, Texas, has introduced two high-definition video cameras with embedded video analytics. The CoVi CVQ-2500 and CVQ-3500 Multi-Stream cameras feature intelligent software technology that automates the process of monitoring and analyzing video information.

Motion-activated alarm

- Speco Technologies of Amityville, New York, has developed the Digital Deterrent System to help deter crime—not just record it.

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