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Video Server

- Optelecom-NKF of Ger­man­town, Maryland, has announced that its Siqura C-50 E-MC triple-stream video server is now supported by On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc., in addition to Genetec and Milestone, IP software solutions.

Security Management

- Minneapolis-based Honeywell has released an updated version of its integrated security management platform. The Honeywell Security Manager R400 provides greater visibility and control of all access and security systems through new features such as an enhanced cardholder management system, integration with Honeywell Temaline access control solutions, and new visitor management options.

Border Security

- Rontal Applications Ltd. of Lod, Israel, has developed a special version of its SimGuard incident management system for ensuring border checkpoint efficiency and maintaining operational continuity during real-time events. It allows border-control authorities to evaluate a facility’s efficiency by using simulations.

Desk System

- The new Surveillance and Monitoring Desk Systems from Middle Atlantic Prod­ucts of Fairfield, New Jersey, offer flexibility, adjustment capability, and practical features for security installations. Design enhancements include ergonomically contoured edges for desktops and keyboard shelves for operator comfort and efficiency.

Security Management

- Software House of Boca Raton, Florida, has released a new version of its C·CURE 9000 security and event management system.

Network Power

- Altronix of Brooklyn, New York, has introduced networked power solutions for professional video, security, and life safety applications. Power over Ethernet (PoE) products include both mid-span and endpoint solutions over CAT5 cabling up to 100 meters.

Video Encoders

- The VideoJet X SN series of IP video encoders from Bosch Security Systems, Inc. delivers MPEG-4 video over IP at 30 frames per second at up to 4CIF resolution on every video channel. Using embedded video content analysis software, the encoders can autonomously detect suspicious behaviors including loitering, left objects, and removed objects.

Managed Security

- GE Security, Inc., of Bradenton, Florida, has developed a new managed security services suite that works with the MASterMind integrated software platform for central stations and Alliance hardware.

Video Management

- The Endura Gateway and the Endura Transcoder are the newest additions to the Endura IP video system from Pelco of Clovis, California. They make Endura video streams available via Web browser and nonproprietary networks.

Guard Tour System

- Morse Watchmans Inc. of Oxford, Connecticut, has created a management tool with its PowerCheck Guard Tour System. The system includes a hand-held data recorder, checkpoint stations, and reporting software.

High-Definition Video

- Dedicated Micros of Chantilly, Virginia, has introduced the DV-IP HD video server, which was developed specifically for security applications requiring megapixel network cameras and high-definition displays and features the company’s third-generation video codec processors and multibus architecture.

Integrated Security

- Digital Horizon Solutions of Frisco, Texas, has introduced an integrated security system built on flexible and scaleable system architecture. The Eclipse 700 system offers access control, intrusion detection, photo ID, alarm management, biometric support, FIPS encryption, SQL data management, report design, graphics mapping, video analytics, DVR support, and network video integration.

Security Platform

- Intransa of San Jose, California, has developed the Sharable Security Platform that will allow legacy and innovative products to simultaneously share multiple software applications while working through an open, combined storage and computing platform.

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