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- Larson Electronics of Kemp, Texas, has released an infrared LED light designed to replace or augment a vehicle’s current headlights with infrared illumination.

Guard Accessories

- Unitized Duty Gear from Duckbill of Grand Rapids, Mich­igan, helps officers carry tools of the trade with safety, comfort, and functionality.

Control Room Consoles

- In an expansion of the Prestige Line of control room consoles, Minneapolis-based Winsted has announced the new Sight-Line series for command-and-control applications. The console features the Versa-Trak monitor array mounting system, which allows users to easily modify sight lines and monitor viewing angles based on personal needs.

Desk Systems

- The new Surveillance and Monitoring Desk Systems from Middle Atlantic Products of Fairfield, New Jersey, are designed with flexibility for efficient operation in any security setting. The new systems feature highly adjustable optional monitor supports for up to six screens per desk.

Custom Consoles

- Winsted Technical Interiors of Minneapolis, Minnesota, has introduced the Matrix Evolution, a custom console that offers the performance of technical furniture with an attractive design. A horizontal track system is inlaid into the work surface of the desk, improving the operator’s line of sight to monitor walls and giving the console a cleaner appearance. A Scorpion pole allows up to three monitors to be mounted vertically and is ergonomically designed to match the curvature of the eye.

Custom Console System

- The new Talon 2 Custom Console System from Winsted Technical Interiors of Minneapolis is designed to be a self-contained control room, especially where wall-mounted monitors are not practical. The freestanding work environment features flat panel monitors, steel-frame construction, Corian work surfaces, and thermoformed ABS fingers. The unit can house 15 40-inch monitors on five vertical frames or 12 60-inch monitors on four vertical frames.

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