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Personal Transport

- Segway Inc. of Bedford, New Hampshire, has launched its SE-3 Patroller, a three-wheel personal transportation device for the public safety market.


- The Symmetry Intrusion Management module from AMAG Technology of Torrance, California, combines access control, IP video, and enterprise-class intrusion detection to create a unified solution that enhances security, reduces cost, and simplifies administration.

Guard Tour Kit

- AMAG Technology of Tewkes­bury, Glouces­tershire, United Kingdom, has launched a newly updated ProxiPen Kit with tags that provide a significantly greater read range.

Guard Tour System

- The PowerCheck Guard Tour System from Morse Watchmans of Oxford, Connect­i­cut, features multiple tour capabilities, integrated functions, and reporting options.

Visitor Management

- End users can identify, monitor, and manage vehicles and visitors using one solution, thanks to a collaboration between EasyLobby of Needham, Massachusetts, and INEX/ZAMIR of Knoxville, Tennes­see. The companies have combined EasyLobby’s visitor management solutions with INEX/ZAMIR’s license plate-reading technology.

D3 Security Management Systems Inc.


Data Reader

- Videx, Inc., of Corvallis, Oregon, has introduced the iBR9000 iButton reader. Small and lightweight, the miniature device reads the company’s iButtons. This collector measures 2 3/4 inches in length, weighs less than two ounces, and easily fits on a key ring. Built for demanding applications such as security guard tours, jail cell checks, and inmate tracking in correctional institutions, the fiberglass-reinforced nylon case and stainless steel read head withstand the impact of six-foot drops.

Winsted Corporation




Timekeeping Systems, Inc.


Morse Watchman, Inc.


Detex Corporation


Deister Electronics USA, Inc.


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