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Blast-Resistant Drapes

- Cascade Coil Drapery, Inc., of Tual­atin, Oregon, has introduced GuardianCoil, a new blast-mitigation fabric. It works by stopping and/or entrapping flying objects such as glass shards that result from bomb blasts or explosions.

Protective Windows

- A new window system from Insulgard Security Products of Brighton, Michigan, protects emergency and security workers from high winds, ballistic impacts, and other threats.

Window Protection

- Impact Protection Adhesive from 3M of St. Paul, Minnesota, is applied around the window frame and bonds the glass, window film, and frame together, improving protection against severe weather damage, bomb blasts, and intruders.

Glass Protection

- VehicleGARD is an adhesive glass-protecting film that can withstand flying debris and attempted penetration by tools such as tire irons and pipes, protecting a vehicle’s passengers. Made by ShatterGARD of Doraville, Georgia, the film also keeps windows intact if they are broken, preventing the broken glass from turning into a shower of sharp pieces that could injure people.

Shattergard Inc


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