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Urban Area Perspective – Seattle

- Security Management interviews Barb Graff, director of Seattle Office of Emergency Management.

A Fight Over First-Responder Bandwidth

- Private industry, government agencies, and first responders are locked in a battle over the allocation of radio frequencies.

Urban Area Perspective-Honolulu

- Security Management interviews Melvin S. Kaku, director of the Honolulu Department of Emergency Management.  

Guiding Control System Cybersecurity

- The U.S. government helps protect critical infrastructure by providing owner-operators with IT security research and support.

Federal Perspective-Infrastructure

- Security Management interviews Todd M. Keil, assistant secretary for infrastructure protection at the Department of Homeland Security.

The Prescreening Puzzle

- The U.S. government still struggles to find ways to prevent terrorists from boarding airplanes. Two recent incidents show the weaknesses that remain in the system, and the challenges of addressing those vulnerabilities.

MANET Makes an Impression

- Mobile ad hoc networks allow first responders to communicate in harsh environments at a reasonable cost.

Urban Area Perspective - Cleveland

- Security Management interviews Norberto Colón, the assistant director of public safety for the City of Cleveland.

Biosurveillance Stays Stovepiped

- The government’s ability to pinpoint biological threats is still hampered by a lack of information sharing.

Organizational Resilience

- The U.S. Government Accountability Office sought to define the concept of organizational resilience and identify its constituent parts within organizations (.pdf). To do so, the GAO set its sights on one of the world’s largest financial institutions: the Internal Revenue Service.


- A benchmarking study and white paper from the CSO Roundtable of ASIS International assesses acceptance of enterprise security risk management principles and practices (.pdf), including a holistic view of risk as a source of opportunity for organizations.

Urban Area Perspective - Atlanta

- Security Management interviews Tony Carper, director of the Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency.

Bouncing Back After a Disruption

- Critical infrastructure—which includes everything from bridges to banks—can't always be protected, so it must also be resilient, meaning that it must be able to recover quickly after a natural or man-made event.

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