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Urban Area Perspective - Indianapolis

- Security Management interviews Dr. Frank Straub, director of public safety for the City of Indianapolis, and Gary Coons, chief of Indianapolis' Division of Homeland Security.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Trouble with UAVs

- Software glitches, high costs, and safety concerns have limited the widespread domestic use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Rise of the Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier

- After 9-11, anti-ram vehicle barriers became a necessity for buildings in high-risk areas. Here is a brief overview of what issues companies and organizations face when deciding whether anti-ram vehicle barriers are appropriate for their new facility. (Online exclusive)

Bird's Eye View

- First responders to disasters are learning how to leverage the wealth of data available through social Web sites like Twitter and Flickr.

Federal Perspective - Customs and Border Protection

- Security Management interviews Robert E. Perez, director of field operations of the New York Field Office for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Office of Field Operations.  

Cargo Vulnerabilities Persist

- The recent terrorism plot to plant explosives in air cargo reveals underlying gaps in government intelligence gathering and information sharing.

Urban Area Perspective – Memphis

- Security Management interviews Robert Nations, Jr., director of the Shelby County, Tennessee Office of Preparedness.


- 42 Number of FDA inspectors posted overseas since 2008 to screen manufacturers of U.S. food imports.

A New Plan for Biodefense Innovation

- A venture capital enterprise investing in high-risk research could help drive innovation in vaccine manufacture and delivery.

Moving Cargo Securely

- A look at what companies that join the post-9-11 C-TPAT program have to do and how their efforts contribute to homeland security.

Urban Area Perspective – Seattle

- Security Management interviews Barb Graff, director of Seattle Office of Emergency Management.

A Fight Over First-Responder Bandwidth

- Private industry, government agencies, and first responders are locked in a battle over the allocation of radio frequencies.

Urban Area Perspective-Honolulu

- Security Management interviews Melvin S. Kaku, director of the Honolulu Department of Emergency Management.  

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