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Securing Synthetic Biology

- Scientists who sequence the DNA of pathogens have adopted guidelines to limit the opportunities for criminals to get access to such research.

Urban Area Perspective - Portland

- Security Management interviews Carmen Merlo, director of the Portland Office of Emergency Management.

Protecting the Bravest

- New technologies under development can be used to help locate firefighters in burning buildings and determine whether they are in distress.

Urban Area Perspective - Salt Lake City

- Security Management interviews Alice D. Johnson, executive director of Utah's Salt Lake Urban Area. --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sustaining Nuclear Forensics

- Experts warn that a lack of specialists in the field of nuclear forensics may make it difficult in the future to trace the origin of dirty bombs.

Disaster Mitigation

- The National Building Museum and the Industry Council for the Built Environment have reported on the proceedings of a conference that addressed how planning and engineering can mitigate the effects of large-scale disasters (.pdf).

Infrastructure Resilience

- ♦ A committee of the National Research Council has offered findings on the need for vision and leadership on building resilient next-generation critical infrastructure. ♦ The former chairman of engineering firm Parsons Brinckerhoff Inc. reported to the British Royal Academy of Engineering on 9-11’s lessons in designing and maintaining resilient infrastructure (.pdf). ♦ The Center for National Policy, a Washington, D.C. think tank, has hosted a series of events addressing the need to establish resilience in critical infrastructure (here and here).

How to Take a Punch

- The U.S. government wants infrastructure owner-operators to prepare resilience plans so that they can "take a punch" from terrorists and get back up off the mat.

Urban Area Perspective - Dallas

- Security Management interviews Kenny Shaw, director of the Office of Emergency Management for the city of Dallas. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Screening's Red Herrings

- The limits of human perception make it difficult for airport screeners to spot threats. Researchers aim to test those limits and find ways to improve performance.

Emergency Management

- ♦The Department of Justice offers a range of documents aimed at helping facility operators ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. ♦ FEMA has issued guidance for making all emergency shelters accessible to special needs populations (.pdf), including the elderly and the disabled. ♦ The City of San Jose, California has developed its own guide for sheltering vulnerable populations (.pdf).

Urban Area Perspective – San Francisco

- Security Management interviews Rob Dudgeon, deputy director of the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Backscatter Safety Questions Persist

- Public criticism of new airport screening technology has often put the focus on privacy, but health risks are also being raised as a concern.

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