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Think Tank Perspective: An Interview with Dr. Stephen Flynn

- Associate editor Matthew Harwood interviews professor Stephen Flynn, founding co-director of the new George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security at Northeastern University.

Tripping Up Terrorists

- Businesses participating in Operation Tripwire help alert the FBI to possible terrorist activity by reporting suspicious purchases by customers.

State Perspective: Washington

- Associate editor Matthew Harwood interviews Major General Timothy J. Lowenberg.  

Fusing to Fight Copper Thefts

- A private power company and a state fusion center team up to thwart copper thefts at electrical substations.

North By Northwest

- While some critics say U.S. Customs and Border Protection has not given the northern border due attention, the agency maintains that it has crafted a strategy for targeting limited assets that does the job without a massive number of boots on the ground.

Urban Area Perspective: San Diego

- Associate editor Matthew Harwood interviews Lieutenant Andy Mills.        

Animal Rights Extremists’ Soft Targets

- Hoping to persuade research students to abandon careers involving animal testing, activists are mounting harassment campaigns at universities.

Looking Ahead: Disaster Response

- Matthew Harwood interviews Lt. Gen. Guy C. Swan III, CPP.  

DHS Tries to SECURE Innovation

- A government program aims to usher security technology from the drawing board to the marketplace more quickly.

Looking Ahead: Technology and Threats

- Security Management's Matthew Harwood interviews futurist Marc Goodman.    

Tracking Digital Footprints in the Field

- By testing suspect computing devices on site, law enforcement can reduce forensic wait times and protect the chain of evidence.

Considering Civil Liberties

- More on suspicious activity reporting and the federal government's efforts to embed privacy and civil liberty controls into the process from Security Mangement associate editor, Matthew Harwood.

Urban Area Perspective—Minneapolis

- Security Management interviews Rocco Forté, assistant city coordinator for emergency preparedness and regulatory services for the City of Minneapolis.  

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