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Shining Light on Nuclear Nightmare

- The medical response demands of a nuclear attack.

Interoperability Standards Stalled?

- Stalled standards for interoperable communications.

State Perspective – Illinois

- William C. “Bill” Burke has served as director of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency since 2003, coordinating incident response while building terrorism preparedness alongside Illinois Homeland Security and the state’s Terrorism Task Force.

Putting Two Million First Responders on One Page

- Improving stituational awareness during large-scale disasters.

Spotting IEDs Amid the iPods

- Testing airport screeners' ability to spot various threat objects.

State Perspective – Georgia

- An interview with the acting director of Georgia Office of Homeland Security (GEMA).

Rule Puts Driver’s License Debate in High Gear

- Since the September 11 attacks, air travelers have been required to present a government-issued photo ID—typically a driver’s license—before boarding commercial flights in the United States. Agents scrutinize these documents as if they offered some definitive proof of identity. They do not.

Following Terrorist Funding

- The U.S. has all but eliminated terrorist financing in the domestic banking system. But the move has pushed funding into murkier markets.


- 6 The number of U.S. metropolitan areas—of 75 surveyed—that received high marks for communications interoperability. The top-ranking areas identified in the survey were Columbus, Ohio; Laramie County, Wyoming; Minneapolis-St. Paul; San Diego; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and Washington, D.C.

State Perspective – New Jersey

- Richard “Dick” Cañas was tapped in March 2006 to head the state’s newly established Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness.

Mass Evacuation: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

- How geography, road infrastructure, and mass transit pose challenges during large-scale evacuations.

Very Light Jets: A Very Real Threat?

- The risks posed by the emergence of speedy "very light jets" in general aviation.

State Perspective - Arizona

- The homeland security perspective from Arizona.

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