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Preventing Radicalization

- A review of efforts to counter radicalization and reduce the home-grown terrorist threat.

Preparedness: Results and Concerns

- The Boston Marathon bombing shows the value of emergency response planning but federal funding cuts may affect future capabilities nationwide.

Progress Report on Canine Training

- Certifications for detection dogs vary widely, leading private industry and government to seek solutions.

What 2012 Terrorism Statistics Reveal

- A recent report gives details on terrorist attacks worldwide, discusses how terrorist threats have evolved, and notes how governments are responding.

Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

- As stakeholders work to shape a new cybersecurity framework for critical infrastructure, they highlight some options and the challenges inherent in devising such standards.

What’s Wrong with Border Security?

- Efforts to secure the border need more than an influx of cash; they require clear definitions and reliable metrics.

Assessing U.S. Response to Cyberthreat

- U.S. government agencies must work together and partner with the private sector more closely to prevent cyberattacks by foreign agents.

Counterterrorism Perspective: Interview with Daryl Johnson

- Daryl Johnson, former terrorism analyst at the Department of Homeland Security, is interviewed.

First-Responder Training to Change

- A new, comprehensive training program for first responders at all levels will replace a system focused on federal agencies, but concerns over testing remain.

The Evolution of School Security

- To ignore past history will only encourage school administrators to repeat the same mistakes all over again. ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

Federal Security Perspective: Interview with John Perren

- Security Management interviews Assistant Director John Perron of the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate.  

A Department Under Fire

- The Department of Homeland Security has been criticized for poor management, but a new focus could get the agency back on track.

Black Swans and the Challenge of Mitigating the Unknown

- School shootings are uncommon and unpredictable. As such, they might be classified as “Black Swans”, events which are random yet produce extreme impacts. It is perhaps more productive to focus on what is known about such attacks and direct mitigation measures accordingly. ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

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