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- Violating standard accounting practices is insufficient to invoke whistleblower protection under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, a federal appeals court ruled. The plaintiff in the case was fired after complaining about unorthodox accounting practices at his company.

The Biometric Devil's in the Details

- Biometric controls aren't a silver bullet, but there are many advantages to them when using a detailed, strategic approach for deployment. (Online Exclusive)

Genetic Discrimination

- A law (P.L. 110-233) expands the prohibition against genetic discrimination by group health plans and health insurance providers. The law also makes it illegal to request or require genetic testing for enrollment in an insurance plan or to base premiums on genetic testing.

Internal Threats

- Internal threats are a major organizational risk. A new online encyclopedia makes IT managers’ lives easier by listing applications, grading their severity of risk, and explaining what systems they affect.


- 88The percentage of IT administrators who say they would steal valuable company data if they were fired. Access management vendor Cyber-Ark conducted the poll.

The Import of Good Security

- A California company collaborated with its contract security team to develop an employee training program for C-TPAT compliance.

Taking the Call with Confidence

- To prepare for bomb threats, security must prepare checklists, train both security and nonsecurity personnel, and conduct exercises.

Report Targets Telecommuting

- A new study from Ernst & Young says companies need to secure telecommuters from particular risks, such as peer-to-peer sharing.

State Legislation: Iowa: Security Guards

- A new law (formerly H.B. 2421) recently enacted in Iowa will increase training requirements for security guards that work in commercial establishments that sell alcohol. The extra training will include anger-management techniques, recognition of false IDs, information on laws relating to alcohol consumption, and procedures for safe removal of patrons from the premises.

Changing Priorities

- Information security professionals will play a more strategic role in the future, according to a study from the London-based Information Security Forum. They’ll also spend more time predicting future threats and less time ensuring regulatory compliance.


- The Center for Democracy and Technology and Ernst & Young LLP surveyed 60 organizations about the risk of telecommuting and found that most companies acknowledge the risk but sideline addressing it for more pressing matters.

Employee Privacy

- One in three IT professionals have used administrative passwords to snoop on company and employee data, according to security vendor Cyber Ark. Improperly viewed information includes salary details, personal e-mails, and company board minutes.

Introduction to Business and Industrial Security and Loss Control

- An updated and excellent version of Siljander's original 1991 textbook.

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