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Facebook Security Hole Remains Unplugged for Two Weeks, Hackers Say

- A team of bloggers has hacked into Facebook using unsophisticated means and say the company has not repaired the security hole despite telling the company of the vulnerability over two weeks ago.

Security Researcher Warns of Cybercriminals Using Events in Iran to Spread Malware

- John Bambenek, of the Sans Internet Storm Center, warns people to be wary of clicking on links within tweets regarding events in Iran.

"Vacation" Posts Make Victims Target for Burglary

- Social media aficionados may want to rethink how much information they divulge regarding their whereabouts during the summer vacation season, according to the Associated Press.

Be Careful What You Search For

- McAfee, a security technology firm, has a warning for search-happy netizens: be careful what you search for.

Hype About Conficker and Other Big Viruses Undermining IT Security, Says FBI

- Increasing media coverage of large-scale IT security threats such as the recent Conficker worm could be undermining IT security, according to an FBI official, speaking at the recent RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Obama Releases Cybersecurity Report

- President Barack Obama released his 60-day cybersecurity review this morning. Click here for the document. 

Blog Software Creator Stands Up to the Great Firewall of China

- Matt Mullenweg—the 25-year-old wunderkind creator of Wordpress, a popular blogging platform—sacrificed profits for principle when China blocked his software from being used by its people.

90 Percent of E-mail is Spam, According to Report

- The report from MessageLabs also found that most spammers are active during the U.S. workday.

Two in Three Teens Have Tried Hacking, Study Finds

- A recent survey from IT security firm Panda Security found that a little over two out of three teenagers have attempted to hack into their friends' online accounts, reports SC Magazine.

Facebook Fights Phishing Attacks

- Hackers have launched a big phishing scam at Facebook's 200 million users to swipe their user names and passwords, reports Reuters.

Microsoft Issues Critical Patch for PowerPoint

- Microsoft released patches yesterday for its popular PowerPoint program for PCs due to a vulnerability that would allow a hacker to gain complete control of a system, although Apple users will have to wait a little longer for their patch.

Heartland to Provide End-to-End Encryption

- Heartland Payments Systems has announced that it will offer end-to-end encryption to its merchants for their payment card processing after last year's hack attack that may have compromised more than 100 million card accounts.

Crimeware: Understanding New Attacks and Defenses

- A must read for those in corporate America defending their companies against myriad cyberthreats.

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