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Obama Releases Cybersecurity Report

- President Barack Obama released his 60-day cybersecurity review this morning. Click here for the document. 

Blog Software Creator Stands Up to the Great Firewall of China

- Matt Mullenweg—the 25-year-old wunderkind creator of Wordpress, a popular blogging platform—sacrificed profits for principle when China blocked his software from being used by its people.

90 Percent of E-mail is Spam, According to Report

- The report from MessageLabs also found that most spammers are active during the U.S. workday.

Two in Three Teens Have Tried Hacking, Study Finds

- A recent survey from IT security firm Panda Security found that a little over two out of three teenagers have attempted to hack into their friends' online accounts, reports SC Magazine.

Facebook Fights Phishing Attacks

- Hackers have launched a big phishing scam at Facebook's 200 million users to swipe their user names and passwords, reports Reuters.

Microsoft Issues Critical Patch for PowerPoint

- Microsoft released patches yesterday for its popular PowerPoint program for PCs due to a vulnerability that would allow a hacker to gain complete control of a system, although Apple users will have to wait a little longer for their patch.

Heartland to Provide End-to-End Encryption

- Heartland Payments Systems has announced that it will offer end-to-end encryption to its merchants for their payment card processing after last year's hack attack that may have compromised more than 100 million card accounts.

Crimeware: Understanding New Attacks and Defenses

- A must read for those in corporate America defending their companies against myriad cyberthreats.

Gray Hat Hacking

- The Ethical Hacker's Handbook attempts to create antihacking security professionals: it more than succeeds in its task.

US-CERT: Phishers Dangle Swine Flu as Bait

- Phishers and spammers are exploiting worldwide fear of swine flu to sell pharmaceutical products and steal personal information from anxious e-mail users, the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team reports.

Data Breaches

- The biggest cost of data breaches for businesses is lost customer relationships, according to a Ponemon Institute study. This type of loss accounts for 69 percent of breach costs, up from 65 percent in 2007 and 54 percent in 2006.

Malicious Activity

- The damage from data theft and cybercrime cost global businesses about $1 trillion in lost intellectual property and damage repair in 2008, according to the McAfee report, Unsecured Economies: Protecting Vital Information.

Most Cybercriminals and Victims American

- Cybercrime is again on the rise, and the United States boasts both the most cybercriminals and victims, according to a British paper.

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