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Quick Bytes: Insecure Web

- Most Web sites have at least one significant vulnerability, according to a study by WhiteHat Security, which examined its own enterprise customers.

AV Lives

- Antivirus vendors are evolving to fight malware beyond signature detection.

Internet's Anonymity Protects Cyberattackers

- Despite evidence that a British company's servers unleashed a recent wave of cyberattacks against U.S. and South Korean government and commercial Web sites, cybersecurity experts say it's hard to find a smoking gun in cyberspace's murky environs.

Survey: 17 Percent Responded to Spam Despite Most Knowing the Danger

- A new survey may make you question how schooled the average Internet user is in Internet security.

Spam Explodes in First Half of 2009

- Spam has once again reached the same volume it did in November 2008, when the servers of a major spamming company were disconnected, according to e-mail and Web security firm Marshal8e6.

Russia: Hackers Target Religious Sites

- While it's been heavily publicized that running afoul of the Russian government could make you a target for cyberattack, Russian hackers have victimized another population: religious groups.

Congress May Have Inadvertently Made Identity Theft Easier, Researcher Says

- Legislation passed by Congress that now reveals the last four digits of a person's Social Security number on public documents may make it easier for identity thieves to ply their trade if they can reconstruct the researchers' methods.


- Sometimes malware can render computers nearly or completely inoperable. It can shut down Windows system tools and security software. Find out more about a free utility that can be placed on a flash drive and used to rescue a crippled machine.

Facebook Security Hole Remains Unplugged for Two Weeks, Hackers Say

- A team of bloggers has hacked into Facebook using unsophisticated means and say the company has not repaired the security hole despite telling the company of the vulnerability over two weeks ago.

Security Researcher Warns of Cybercriminals Using Events in Iran to Spread Malware

- John Bambenek, of the Sans Internet Storm Center, warns people to be wary of clicking on links within tweets regarding events in Iran.

"Vacation" Posts Make Victims Target for Burglary

- Social media aficionados may want to rethink how much information they divulge regarding their whereabouts during the summer vacation season, according to the Associated Press.

Be Careful What You Search For

- McAfee, a security technology firm, has a warning for search-happy netizens: be careful what you search for.

Hype About Conficker and Other Big Viruses Undermining IT Security, Says FBI

- Increasing media coverage of large-scale IT security threats such as the recent Conficker worm could be undermining IT security, according to an FBI official, speaking at the recent RSA Conference in San Francisco.

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