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Outdoor IR Camera

- Rainbow CCTV of Costa Mesa, California, has introduced an outdoor camera with integrated infrared illumination.

PTZ Camera

- Dedicated Micros of Chantilly, Virginia, has introduced the Infiniti integrated pan-tilt-zoom camera, which seamlessly combines a camera, infrared illuminator, integral screen wiper/washer control, and built-in pan and tilt mechanism.

Portable Tower

- Dallas-based TerraHawk, LLC, has introduced the Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower or M.U.S.T., which uses a vehicle-based platform to deploy an elevated tower and climate-controlled capsule to an eye-level height of over 25 feet.

Modular Camera

- Moog QuickSet of Northbrook, Illinois, has introduced a modular imaging system for high performance in a small package with easily changeable configurations.

Night Vision Scope

- American Technologies Network Corporation of South San Francisco, California, has introduced new products based on the company’s White Phosphor Technology. The ATN PS40-WPT Day/Night Scope System features image-intensifier tube technology for clear resolution and performance.

360-Degree Camera

- Sentry 360 of Naperville, Illinois, has launched a 360-degree camera that combines low compression, small form factor, and onboard storage capability. The FullSight Mini or FS-IP­2000 is the size of a computer mouse and uses H.264 compression.

Mini Domes

- IQinVision of San Juan Cap­i­­strano, California, has expanded its IQeye BASIC LINE of three-inch mini domes to include MAIN profile H.264 and van­dal­­proof models.

Low-Light Mini Dome

- The Spyder Eclipse is a new intensified, low-light mini dome camera that is ideal for inside applications where lighting is dim.

Open Network Cameras

- Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co. of Regensburg, Germany, has announced that its high-definition cameras now comply with the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standards.

Indoor Network Camera

- Taiwan-based Compro Technology offers a day-night camera with true infra­red lighting and HD mega­pixel resolution, specifically designed for small businesses and residences.

Secure Iris Cameras

- IriTech Inc. of Fairfax, Virginia, has improved its line of IriCAMM iris acquisition cameras by adding powerful security features. Device-level encryption enables the cameras to encrypt images and templates after capture, ensuring security of the data at the point of origin.

Surveillance Lenses

- New technology from PENTAX Imaging Company of Golden, Colorado, overcomes the challenges of fog, snow, and haze in outdoor live security surveillance.

Dome Camera

- Vicon Industries Inc. of Hauppauge, New York, has introduced a new progressive-scan camera within its SurveyorVFT 35X zoom domes.

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