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Network Cameras

- New autoIP network cameras from GVI Security of Carrollton, Texas, provide 1.3-megapixel video in demanding light conditions.

IP Cameras

- American Dynamics of Boca Raton, Florida, has introduced the Illustra brand of IP cameras, which provide industry-leading H.264 compression.

Intelligent Cameras

- The newest compression technology combines with built-in analytics in Symmetry network cameras from G4S Technology Limited of Tewksbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Onboard intelligent video content analytics allow intelligent analysis of motion in application areas, including intrusion detection, vehicle monitoring, abandoned object detection, people counting, and loitering detection.

Elevator Surveillance

- VITEK Industrial Video Products, Inc., of Valencia, California, has introduced an opti­cal-laser video transmission system that is designed for elevator CCTV surveillance applications.

Dome Cameras

- VITEK Industrial Video Products, Inc., of Valencia, California, has revamped its Mighty Series Dome cameras to include models produced with the new Pixim-powered Seawolf wide-dynamic-range digital signal processor (DSP) and the Sony Effio day-night DSP.

In-Camera Analytics

- IndigoVision of Edison, New Jersey, has released an upgrade to its 11000 series High Definition (HD) IP cameras, enabling real time motion analytics to run in the camera. Both fixed and pan-tilt-zoom cameras now offer both activity-control frame rate (ACF) and motion-detection analytics.

Smartvue Corporation


Video Management

- CH Products of Vista, California, has introduced the VM Desktop for professional video management. It includes a three-axis Hall-effect joystick, a jog/shuttle dial, 27 user-defined pushbuttons, and a USB 1.1 interface for powerful control of video surveillance, recording, and video management functions.

Video Lighting

- Iluminar has introduced two new lighting solutions that operate on power over Ethernet (PoE). The infrared IR312-PoE and white light WL220-PoE series are designed for challenging installations and illuminate twice the distance of previous series.

Surveillance Cameras

- Basler Vision Technologies of Ahrensburg, Germany, has introduced a new generation of extremely light-sensitive IP cameras with CCD sensors. They provide frame rates up to 100 frames per second.

HD Cameras

- New megapixel high-definition cameras series from Dall­meier electronic GmbH & Co. of Regensburg, Germany, offer a path into HD surveillance technology.

Remote Lens Clearing

- The Argus high-speed, precision pan-and-tilt system from Geutebruck of Windhagen, Germany, is designed for relia­ble operation in inaccessible and inhospitable environments.

Network Camera

- Canon U.S.A., Inc., of Lake Success, New York, offers the VB-C60 PTZ Network Camera, a compact solution for remote video monitoring over IP. It operates in low lighting and can be set to re­cord on motion detection with up to 10 seconds of imaging prior to the event.

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