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More of the Same, Only Different, After Putin Leaves

- An economic boom amid creeping authoritarianism only adds to the uncertainty of Russia after Putin.

Global Anticounterfeiting Plan

- Some crimes, like the counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals, are difficult for a country to fight alone. The World Health Organization (WHO) is urging countries to unite against this growing problem, which not only hurts corporations and raises drug prices but also injures or kills the victimized patients. In a new concept paper, WHO "seeks to launch discussions on a mechanism of effective international collaboration for combating counterfeit drugs," to include the adoption of guidelines and standards. The group would be known as the International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce (IMPACT). The paper lays out proposed objectives and principles for IMPACT, covering topics ranging from amendment of national laws to the use of tracking technology. @ SM online takes you to the paper.

Doing Business in Asia

- China, India, and other countries in the Far East are attracting many enterprises with their low wages and growth economies. Companies doing business in Asia need to understand the unique cultural issues and the evolving threats of the region if they are going to succeed.

Border Measures at Cross Purposes

- The obsession with the Mexican border is only one of the holes in our border net. Another is that we can’t really ID people at border checkpoints.

Into, Through,Out of Africa

- Trends in tightening fraud controls and preventing identity theft. Plus, security intelligence aids an African journey, and more.

Blackwater USA Banned from Iraq

- Firefight in Baghdad leaves eight bystanders dead.

Spy Handler: Memoir of a KGB Officer

- Cherkashin served as chief counterintelligence officer at the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C., where he handled notorious spies Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen.

Voices of Terror: Manifestos, Writings and Manuals of Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Other Terrorists from Around the World and Throughout

- Voices of Terror allows a peek into the emotions, principles, and rhetoric that often accompany tyranny, revolution, guerilla warfare, and terrorism.

Quick Bytes: Online fraud trends

- Online retailers are hit with fraud from international orders at a rate that is twice the overall average.

Middle East, Asia Drive Up Terrorism

- A look at trends in terrorist targets, methods, and research.

Let Afghanistan's Heroin Be?

- Curbing heroin production in Afghanistan could lead to worse problems.

Rogue Nukes

- International body charged with containing the spread of nuclear bomb technology has made progress

The Personal Travel Safety Manual: Security for Business People Traveling Overseas

- Corporate security personnel and security consultants will find useful and interesting material throughout. An entire section discusses corporate responsibility and liability for traveling staff. Barnes advises that organizations form a crisis management team and plan for how they would deal with a crisis

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