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- 5 Maximum percentage of IT budget spent on security by the average U.K.-based company, according to a survey of information security breaches by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Border Measures at Cross Purposes

- Is the focus on the Mexico border leaving a northern exposure?

Another Hidden Enemy in Iraq

- There are so many threats in Iraq that it’s hard to know where to start: foreign jihadists, Shiite radicals, Baath party loyalists, and garden-variety criminals, to name a few. Add one unexpected threat to that list: private security providers. The U.S. Government Accountability Office has warned that the lack of criminal-background data on prospective private security personnel puts U.S. military forces and Iraqi civilians at risk. The threat is mainly from Iraqi and third-country personnel, testified William Solis, GAO’s director of defense capabilities and management, before the House Committee on Government Reform’s Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations. @ The testimony is at SM Online.

Mapping Security: The Corporate Security Sourcebook for Today’s Global Economy

- In Mapping Security: The Corporate Security Sourcebook for Today’s Global Economy, authors Tom Patterson and Scott Gleeson Blue offer a holistic view of what today’s chief security officers must consider when protecting corporate interests during partnerships with foreign companies.

Lady Luck Vs. the Terrorists

- When it comes to fighting terrorism, it’s smart to be lucky.

Insurgent Iraq: Al Zarqawi and the New Generation


Inaugurating the Asian Century

- The least noticed strategic effect of the war in Iraq.

Antiterror Advice

- The British intelligence and security agency MI5 has created a security guide for businesses.

Turmoil in Latin America

- Recent shifts to the political left by countries in Latin America mean that companies doing business there are well advised to reevaluate their security posture.

A View from the Eye of the Storm: Terror and Reason in the Middle East

- Conventional wisdom, often cited, is that the longstanding conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors is a root cause of today’s terrorism.

His New Jihad

- One of the Bali bombers has turned against jihadism. Now he's helping the police in a controversial counterterrorism strategy and trying to steer others away from extremism.

Norwegian Wood:Good for Thieves

- A new report by the Swedish National Heritage Board and the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention chronicles the problem of Nordic cultural heritage crime.

Terrorism: The Present Threat in Context

- An introductory text on one of the most pressing security issues of the new century.

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