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Europe Pushes for a Softer U.S. Line

- European security experts Gijs de Vries and Fernando Reinares told attendees at the ASIS International’s European conference that the next U.S. administration will revert to a less militarized approach to combating terrorism. Read a paper by Reinares on international terrorism and public opinion here.

Mercenary Jailed in Failed Coup Plot

- Bungled coup leader pays a high price for failure.

Climate Change Harms National Security, Says Top Intelligence Official

- A top intelligence officer told Congress that climate change could have wide-ranging effects on U.S. national security.

Security Updates

- If you need up-to-date information about conflicts and catastrophes, then Reuter’s AlertNet is the news source for you.

Biofuel Production Causes Food Shortages, Scientist Says

- Food-based biofuels are exacerbating food shortages and could cause further social and political instability worldwide, according to a presenter at the Third International Symposium on Agroterrorism, held April 22-24 in Kansas City.

IEDs Proliferate from Iraq, Afghanistan

- IEDs have become terrorists' weapon of choice and are being used in conflicts far from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Overseas Threats

- The Department of State has broken down the top threats of 2007. Theft of trade secrets, cyberattacks, insider threats, “home-grown” political radicalism, terrorism, and political conflict were the most serious threats to U.S. security.

China Hacked U.S. Darfur Nonprofits, Groups Say

- Two U.S. nonprofits that allege Chinese complicity in Sudanese genocide claim they have been hacked, with the attacks originating in China.

NATO Fears Cyberattack

- Cyberattacks threaten states as much as missile attacks, NATO's cybersecurity chief said at an e-crime conference in London yesterday.

National Security Issues in Science, Law, and Technology

- To properly weave together the topics of science, technology, and law under the rubric of national security is a tall order. This text does so perfectly.

European Countries May Require Biometrics on Visitors

- The European Union is considering proposals that would require all non-European visitors to submit biometric data before crossing European borders.

Weathering Severe Climate and Conflict

- New research on the interaction between climate change and conflict suggests that cooperation and accommodation are more probable outcomes than global mayhem.

CBP Examining More Cargo, Says GAO

- The CBP has increased the security of the overseas supply chain by screening more and more cargo containers destined for the United States, says the government watchdog.

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