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2009's "Black Swans" for International Security

- Which ominous "black swans" might test President-elect Obama's new administration and international security as a whole?

Nuclear Security

-  The World Institute for Nuclear Security hopes to help secure the world's nuclear and radioactive materials.

A New Group Targets Nuclear Security

-  Pakistan's continued instability and Iran's efforts to become a nuclear nation again arises concern over nuclear proliferation. 

On Land and Off Coast, Somalia Continues to Crumble

- Somalia's government and security services have continued an alarming slide into anarchy inland as pirates continue to plunder international vessels off its coast.

Government Security Spending Expected to Fall Under Obama, Says Security Analyst

- The financial crisis, the possibility of a U.S. military draw down in Iraq, and other factors will lead to a decrease in U.S. government security spending under President-elect Barack Obama, predicts security expert and ASIS member John Honovich.

U.S. Vulnerable During First Year of New President; Greater Possibility of Conflict Through 2025, Says Intelligence Chief

- During a speech outlining the security problems the United States will face up to and through 2025, the Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell told an audience of intelligence officials and contractors yesterday that the U.S. is most vulnerable to attack during a new president's first year in office.


- 56Number of years World Bank analysts predict a fragile state is likely to stay so. The World Bank identified 33 countries or territories as fragile states in 2007.

Banking Against Proliferation

- By following a financial paper trail, banks can discover whether their clients are purchasing weapons of mass destruction.

Failed States

- Most failed states are in Africa, but there are also some encouraging examples of recovery, such as the revitalization of Liberia, according to the Failed States Index.

Gates Expects NATO to Share Cost of Building Afghan Army

- Against a backdrop of spreading insurgent violence in Afghanistan and an increasing criticism of airstrikes, Defense Secretary Robert Gates insists NATO must share the cost of helping the country to self-sufficiency.


- Colombian rebels are reeling from a string of defeats inflicted by government forces. A new report from the Center for International Policy analyzes the geopolitical significance.

Fueling Nigeria's Conflict

- Booming oil prices are making it harder, not easier, to find a solution to armed conflict in Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger Delta region.

Upheaval in Nigerian Oil Region is a Fresh Challenge to Government

- Nigerian rebels go on rampage, kidnapping oil workers and blowing up pipelines. Government control over the Niger Delta is slipping fast and oil workers are at risk.

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