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Human Trafficking Tough to Quantify and Prosecute

- No one really knows how bad the modern slave trade is because reliable numbers are almost impossible to come by.

Police Protest Tactics Need Review, U.K. Watchdog Says

- A new report by a U.K. government watchdog recommended that London's Metropolitan Police overhaul its protest policing tactics in light of mistakes made during the G20 protests,according to the Guardian.

Sleuthing Nuclear Smuggling

- If the United States and its allies hope to catch smuggled nuclear materials before their enemies accumulate enough to construct weapons, they must rely less on technology and more on old-fashioned, intelligence-led investigation, experts say.

Nuclear Smuggling

- Journalist Michael Bronner investigated efforts to interdict smuggled nuclear materials from the former Soviet Union and found a dangerous combination of routine smuggling and stateless zones.

Air Force: Drones Will Become More Discriminate Killers

- The U.S. Air Force has invested in new unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that will be smaller, will hunt in packs, and will kill more discriminately, reports

Nuclear Proliferation

- Congress should worry that U.S. funds for the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Technical Cooperation program may aid state sponsors of terrorism and undermine nuclear nonproliferation, says the Government Accountability Office.

Fewer Contractors in Gates' Pentagon Budget

- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates wants to convert 11,000 private contractors to full-time government employees as part of his proposed budget for fiscal year 2010.

Nuclear Threat: High or Highly Exaggerated?

- A recent report from a bi-partisan commission says a terrorist strike using weapons of mass destruction is likely by 2013, but critics say the threat is exaggerated.

WMD Attack

- How likely is it that terrorists will detonate a weapon of mass destruction by 2013? That’s one of the issues in a report from the bipartisan Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism.

An Index of Atrocity

- Academics in England have devised a new index to measure atrocities committed against civilian populations in conflicts.

Hard and Soft Power in Africa

- To strengthen its presence in Africa, the U.S. military has established a dedicated command for the continent.

Intelligence Chief Outlines Global Security Outlook

- Admiral Dennis C. Blair, the newly confirmed Director of National Intelligence, presented the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday an overview of the global security threats currently facing the United States.

Cooperating for Security in Pan-Asia

- As more American business do business in Asia, the State Department has launched a new forum to address security challenges in the region.

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