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Italian Police Nab Mob Family

- Italian police have arrested one of the country’s most wanted mob bosses and his two brothers, according to media reports.

U.A.E. Scrutinizes Residents for Iran Ties

- The United Arab Emirates, a neighbor and trading partner with Iran, is taking a closer look at government workers and foreign residents due to concerns about possible infiltration by Iranian agents, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Energy Companies Vie for Iraq Oil

- Three international oil consortiums have agreed to Iraq's terms for investment, which they rejected in a bid round this summer, to develop two oil fields in the south of the country, according to media reports of a press conference with Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani on Tuesday.

Nuclear Security

- Lawmakers at a recent House Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing expressed concerns over a civil nuclear agreement between the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Read the transcript and watch the video online.

Nuclear Energy Agreement Raises Concerns

- A U.S. agreement with the United Arab Emirates to help the country develop a nuclear power sector is raising critical concerns that introducing nuclear technology into the volatile Middle East isn't smart policy.

USAF Shoots Down Out-of-Control Reaper Over Northern Afghanistan

- The United States Air Force shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on Sunday morning after it lost control of the aircraft over a remote area in Northern Afghanistan.

Despite Contractor Scandal, U.S. Doubles Down on Private Security

- Despite the scandal engulfing private embassy security in Afghanistan, the U.S. government will increasingly rely on private security contractors to protect U.S. personnel and property as U.S. troops leave Iraq.

Foreign Aid

- The leader of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference has called on the Obama administration to follow through on its promise to fight disease and promote public health in the Muslim world. Listen to his comments at an Atlantic Council event here.

Leader of Islamic Group Urges U.S. to Keep Promises

- The secretary general of the Organization of the Islamic Conference reminds President Obama that his promises made to the Muslim world in Egypt need to transfer into policy.


- President Barack Obama’s election has improved perceptions of the United States among Arabs, while their views on Iran and al Qaeda are worsening, according to a recent public opinion poll. View the study, read a transcript of an expert panel, or watch video of a Brookings Institution event where these issues were discussed.

Human Trafficking Tough to Quantify and Prosecute

- No one really knows how bad the modern slave trade is because reliable numbers are almost impossible to come by.

Police Protest Tactics Need Review, U.K. Watchdog Says

- A new report by a U.K. government watchdog recommended that London's Metropolitan Police overhaul its protest policing tactics in light of mistakes made during the G20 protests,according to the Guardian.

Sleuthing Nuclear Smuggling

- If the United States and its allies hope to catch smuggled nuclear materials before their enemies accumulate enough to construct weapons, they must rely less on technology and more on old-fashioned, intelligence-led investigation, experts say.

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