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Regulating Security Contractors

- Switzerland is leading an international effort to codify a global code of conduct for private security contractors.


- A consortium of international shipping organizations and military authorities has issued its third edition of best practices for mitigating risks posed by piracy on the high seas. See what measures they recommend.

The Price of Afghan Security

- Subcontractors delivering goods to remote combat outposts in Afghanistan may be funding the Taliban by paying hefty fees for safe passage.

Seminar Speaker Spotlight: Col Michael Trapp--Understanding Islam and Islamofacism

- Retired Col Michael Trapp discusses why Islamofacism is too simplistic of a term to label radical Islam and why security and business professionals investing in predominately Muslim countries need to transcend common stereotypes if they want to succeed in those markets.

Nuclear Safeguards, Security and Nonproliferation

- The world's top nuclear scientists and related experts weigh the pros and cons of nuclear technology in a balanced exploration of the topic.

Think Tank to White House: Define Your Enemy

- A strategic report from an influential D.C. think tank argues the U.S. must actively engage, debate, and discredit the radical Islamist ideology that creates jihadist terrorists if the United States is to win the war on terrorism.

Military Spending on the Rise Worldwide

- Military spending worldwide increased in 2009 to an estimated $1.53 trillion, despite the global economic crisis, according to a report published by a Swedish think tank.

KGB 2.0?

- Proposed powers for Russia's Federal Security Service evoke memories of sweeping authority held by the KGB under the Soviet Union.

Parsing Public Support

- A new report attempts to quantify the cost of getting public buy-in for security in the United Kingdom.


- 28 The number of ports worldwide at which radiation detection systems have been installed for the purpose of scanning cargo. The goal is to have the systems in 100 seaports by 2015.

Strategic Theater Yields Lessons

- A new database gives researchers details about maritime conflicts in the Indian Ocean, helping to teach lessons for future incidents.

Morning Security Briefing: India Beefs Up Security, Yemen Collapsing, Terrorism's Toll in Pakistan, al Qaeda Still Wants WMDs

- ♦ As the memory of Mumbai endures, India bolsters security for its 60th Republic Day. ♦ The BBC weighs how Western governments should respond to the terrorist threat emanating from a fragile Yemen. ♦ A new study from Harvard details al Qaeda's attempts to acquire nuclear weapons and whether the threat persists today. ♦ The Pakistani government tells Parliament that approximately 2,000 people have been killed in terrorist attacks since April 2009. ♦ Hackers target friends of employees at Google and other tech companies in the hopes of indirectly hitting their mark: the employees.

Radicalized Americans in Yemen and Somalia May Pose Threat to United States

- Approximately 72 American citizens, some ex-convicts, have disappeared into the ungoverned spaces of Somalia and Yemen and may pose a jihadist threat to the United States, according to a report released yesterday by the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

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