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Morning Security Brief: A City Decriminalizes Domestic Violence, Mexican Cartels Spread, Kill-Or-Capture Missions

- Domestic violence is off the books in Topeka. Cartels spread into Belize. Researchers call NATO's kill-and-capture ratio exaggerated. And more.

Are Intelligence Strategies Too Focused On Safe Havens?

- Failed states may not be the terrorist havens experts once thought. More attention should be given to weak and corrupt nations.

GPS Implants May Be More Fiction Than Science

- RFID experts say not to be fooled by security companies offering implantable human tracking devices.

Morning Security Brief: Maritime Drug Bust, Chinese Surveillance, Al-Shabaab Sanctions, and More

- The Coast Guard makes a significant bust in the Caribbean. Chinese authorities increase their control of domestic surveillance. Sanctions eased against Al-Shabaab in Somalia to allow aid through. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Major Drug Bust, Mobile Suspect Identification, DoD Cybersecurity, and More

- The Mexican army busts the country's biggest marijuana grow operation to date. A new app will make iris scans mobile. A study says crime is higher near airports. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Mobile Security, Big Brother Chicago, DIY Militias, and More

- Corporate security managers seek ways to secure mobile devices. A small village in Africa develops an effective self-defense strategy in lieu of government protection. Pakistan arrests informant who is believed to have helped CIA get Osama bin Laden. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Cyberattacks, Chinese Protests, Hospital Violence, and More

- Hackers hit the U.S. Senate. The British Navy is reconsidering its role in Libya. Protests erupt sporadically in China. A security guard in Islamabad gives his life to stop a suicide bomber. And other news.


- The U.S. should augment current work in chemical and biological defense with more efforts to deter adversaries from developing and using such weapons, according to a study from the RAND Corporation (.pdf).

U.K. Counterterrorism

- The U.K.’s Home Office has begun to repeal and reform the country’s excessive counterterrorist police powers instituted since 9-11, which have chipped away at citizen’s core civil liberties. Read the office’s review and recommendations online (.pdf).

Morning Security Brief: Middle East, Japan, Border Security, Explosives, and More

- Libyan rebels officially recognized, nuclear worries persist in Japan, Muslim-American border crossing complaints, new bomb-detection prospects, and fighting fraud in Russia.

Peddling Peril: How the Secret Nuclear Trade Arms America’s Enemies

- The true story of how greed and weak export controls allowed Pakistani A.Q. Khan to steal and proliferate nuclear technology to rogue states.

Mexican Drone Crashes in El Paso, Texas, Backyard Near the Border

- The residents of Craddock Avenue in El Paso, Texas, got a surprise Tuesday when a Mexican drone crashed into the backyard of one of their neighbors.

Code of Conduct

- A code of conduct for private contractors that provide security personnel in support of military missions has been developed jointly by various government and industry organizations. The goal of the effort, which was spearheaded by the Swiss government, is to establish international norms for the industry.

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