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Russia's Oil Bust

- Russia emerged as a big player in world oil markets a decade ago, but now it’s struggling to maintain production. It could hamper the Kremlin’s foreign policy in years ahead.

Mexican Gangs May Have Bombed Pemex

- Drug cartels are becoming more violent and more politicized, creating a critical challenge for the Mexican and U.S. governments.

Risk Management Israeli-Style

- Threats to the state of Israel keep growing in a turbulent Middle East.(Online Exclusive)

Iraqi Police Failing Counterterrorism Mission Due to Corruption, Sectarianism

- Italian police agency called in to help retrain Iraqi police.

Computers May Negate Need for Nuclear Tests

- Computers will be used to perform nuclear weapons simulations.

Increase in Illegal Weapons Exports

- Weapons smuggled to China and Iran, says government.

Customs Controls

- The European Union is bringing in complex and costly new customs controls to deter terrorism and improve cross-border product flow.

Did You Know That?

- The United States currently accounts for slightly more than half of the global homeland security market, but by 2014 its share will have slipped to 42 percent, according to the Homeland Security Corporation, a market research firm.

Terror on the Internet: The New Arena, The New Challenges

- Gabriel Weimann, professor of communications at Haifa University in Israel, has produced a disturbing analysis of the extraordinarily popular use of the Internet by violent extremist organizations seeking a global forum.

Cold War Icon Takes on Terror

- Henry Kissinger spoke about the threats from radical Islam to national and international security at the ASIS International 53rd Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

Security Survey

- A 2006 Global Security Survey highlights an increase in the number of security breaches, among other findings.

Al Qaeda's European Recruitment Strategy

- Director of National Intelligence says the terrorist group is recruiting in Europe to take advantage of easy European passage into the United States.

Screening Exports

- Spotting suspicious conduct by air travelers, limiting sensitive exports, and speaking with California’s homeland security direc

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