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ISO27001 in a Windows Environment

- Anyone who will be using ISO27001 in a Windows environment and wants to make its implementation easier should certainly have this reference at their side.

The Basics of Information Security

- This is a thin book on a broad and deep topic, which gave me pause initially, but as it turns out, the book is thoughtfully written and will definitely be useful for educating managers and security professionals who need to broaden their thinking beyond physical security.

Morning Security Brief: Financial Web Site Attacks, License Plate Readers, and Exposed User Credentials

- Several bank Web sites appear to have been attacked by hackers, the government is sued over the privacy of license plate readers, and many of an association’s user credentials may have been exposed.

Forrester Study Highlights Insider Risks

- Cyber attacks from external sources often gain attention, but most data loss incidents are caused by events such as employees’ mishandling of data, according to a new Forrester report.

Morning Security Brief: New FERC Cyber Security Office, GAO Report on Mobile Security, and Gun Discharged at Airport Security

- The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has created a new cyber security office, the General Accountability Office issues a report on mobile device security, and a gun accidentally fires in airport security.

Two Romanians Plead Guilty to Hacking Subway, other Stores

- Two Romanian men have pled guilty to participating in a multimillion dollar scheme to steal payment card data from hundreds of Subway restaurants and other merchants, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

EU Launches Permanent Computer Emergency Response Team

- The group is comprised of IT security professionals from institutions including the European Commission, the General Secretariat of the Council, the European Parliament, and the European Network and Information Security Agency.

How One University Enhanced Cybersecurity

- West Virginia University is strengthening its Web application security with a solution from IBM.

Continuity Program Buy-in

- Those charged with continuity planning can get support from senior management by developing metrics and demonstrating value to the bottom line.

Second Sony Hacker Arrested

- A second member of the hacking group LulzSec has been arrested for a 2011 intrusion of Sony Pictures’ computer systems.


- An appeals court has ruled that an employee does not need to be aware of healthcare privacy laws to be guilty of violating them. The court determined that plaintiffs only needed to know that they obtained the identifiable health information of other people to be guilty of violating HIPAA.  

Case Study

- Carnegie Mellon University is thwarting phishing attacks with a software program that teaches members of the campus community how to spot suspicious e-mails.

How One University Enhanced Cybersecurity

- West Virginia University is strengthening its Web application security with a solution from IBM.

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