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Presidio Combats Fraud with IronKey

- One bank’s effort to improve transaction security.

Swiss Warning Intelligence Partners About Massive Data Breach

- Swiss intelligence has warned the U.S. and Britain that counterterrorism information may have been leaked by a disgruntled employee.

CHART: Behind The Numbers

- Security tools lag behind security policies.

Thor’s Microsoft Security Bible

- This book presents a fascinating collection of practical and immediately implementable Microsoft security techniques, processes, and meth­odologies uniquely illustrated through real-world process examples.

Medical Billing Company Says Employee Leaked Data to Identity Theft Ring

- Florida-based Advanced Data Processing, Inc. says an employee illegally accessed the ambulance billing system and leaked individual account information to a group suspected of filing fraudulent tax returns.

Smart Grid Security: An End-to-End View of Security in the New Electrical Grid

- Reviewer: For those looking to get a handle on how to secure the evolving and dynamic smart grid, Smart Grid Security: An End-to-End View of Security in the New Electrical Grid is an excellent reference.

Has a Hacker Figured Out How to Hide Malicious Sites Inside Search Results?

- Websense threat researchers think a Chinese hacker may have found a way to exploit Google’s convenient optical character recognition to make malicious urls more visible in Google search results.

Morning Security Brief: Homeland Security’s Secret Twitter Account, Smart Meter Privacy Issues, Black Friday, and More

- DHS has a secret twitter account. Researchers find that smart meters can be used to pick burglary targets. The Mall of America bans teenagers on Black Friday. And more.

Hacking Tools Fuel Russian Black Market

- By monitoring Russian hacker forums, a cloud security company’s threat researchers found that Russia’s cyber black market is thriving on sales of the same hacking tools that the FBI says hackers have used to cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage.

Cloud Security Implications in File Sharing Site Case

- As African authorities shut down a new file-sharing domain, a U.S. case regarding the site founder's prior site could have privacy and cloud data implications.

Hospitals Urged to Maintain Cybersecurity After Sandy

- Healthcare intelligence officials are telling hospitals not to bypass cybersecurity protocols in a rush to get systems back online after Hurricane Sandy.

Online Dating Scam Trending at Internet Crime Complaint Center

- IC3 has been receiving complaints about a dating extortion scam where people are baited into intimate online conversations then charged money to get them erased.

Report Recommends Stronger Hiring, Development Practices for DHS Cyber Professionals

- The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) needs to hire about 600 cyber security professionals with well-defined, mission critical skills, according to a task force commissioned by DHS to help the agency bolster its cyber defenses.

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