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Morning Security Brief: Discovering the Motives of Hackers, Arming Teachers, and Defending Whistleblowers

- Experts ponder the motives of hackers, a Utah bill requires disclosure if teachers are armed, and the U.S. government orders a company to pay whistleblowers.

RSA Conference Speaker Lauds IT Security Advancements

- Security industry professionals have made tremendous headway in developing and improving secure technologies over the past few decades. Creating more sophisticated methods of authentication, combating malware and spam, and battling the threat of cybercrime head-on are just a few of the advancements in the industry lauded by Scott Charney, corporate vice president of trustworthy computing at Microsoft. He spoke on Tuesday at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, California.

Security Strategy: From Requirements to Reality

- Though this book is slightly more on the IT side, the authors of Security Strategy bridge this divide by discussing both types of issues as they relate to high-level security.

Behind the Numbers

- Actions companies took in 2012 to protect sensitive information.

EU Privacy Proposal Criticized

- A privacy policy introduced by the European Union has come under fire for being too restrictive and too expensive.

Morning Security Brief: Brazilian Fire, WTC Site Security, Pentagon Cybersecurity, and More

- More than 230 people killed in fire at nightclub with only one exit. The NYPD may not have jurisdiction over the new World Trade Center site, despite an agreement being negotiated with the Port Authority. And more.

Hackers Find a New Way to Make Maximum Cash Withdrawals

- Visa recently sent an alert to clients warning them that hackers are skipping the skimmers and targeting internal networks at banks to steal cash from ATMs.

Hackers Target Mexican National Security Networks

- In 2011 hackers threatened to take on the Zeta cartel, but backed off after the cartel threatened to track them down. Now Anonymous has launched a campaign against the Mexican government in support of a rebel group.

Presidio Combats Fraud with IronKey

- One bank’s effort to improve transaction security.

CHART: Behind the Numbers

- How companies are securing personal mobile devices at work.

Presidio Combats Fraud with IronKey

- One bank’s effort to improve transaction security.

Swiss Warning Intelligence Partners About Massive Data Breach

- Swiss intelligence has warned the U.S. and Britain that counterterrorism information may have been leaked by a disgruntled employee.

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