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Do Improvement Districts Cut Crime?

- Researchers find greater reductions in business improvement districts, but experts say the model is not a panacea.

Resilience Key to Recovery

- Because there's no way to stop every terrorist attack or natural disaster, "resilience" — the ability to recover quickly after a disaster—is becoming a key buzz word in the homeland security conversation.

Tying Terror Groups to Attacks

- A research program under development could help determine which group is responsible for an incident by analyzing the details of the event.

Traditional Profiling Ineffective, Study Says

- Traditional profiling is no more effective at rooting out criminals than random screening, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA.

Confessions Corrupting Witnesses

- Eyewitness misidentification is the number one cause of wrongful criminal prosecutions, accounting for 75 percent of the prisoners exonerated due to DNA evidence.

Immigration Law

- Read the Migration Policy Institute's recommendations on how to improve effectiveness of current immigration laws. 

Private Security Counters Pirates

- Faced with the shifting borders, unstable governments, and violent attacks endemic to piracy, ship owners are turning to private security companies for help.

Fighting Stalking

- A recent survey finds that approximately 3.4 million Americans have experienced stalking over a 12-month period, although what constitutes the crime makes it difficult to prosecute.

Maintaining Security in a Down Economy

- Security directors explain how they are maintaining security in a time of budget cuts.

Gang Activity

- There are more than 1 million gang members in 20,000 gangs operating across the United States, according to the FBI's annual National Gang Threat Assessment 2009.


- How prevalent is stalking in the United States? The Bureau of Justice Statistics recently released a comprehensive look at the crime.  

International Piracy

- See the latest statistics on piracy from the International Chamber of Commerce's International Maritime Bureau. 

Vancouver Shoots for the Gold

- The city is preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympics by hosting training exercises for government employees, procuring security equipment, and planning for threats.

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