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Protecting Caregivers

- As violence against nurses increases, hospitals should embrace workplace violence training for their staff, experts say.

Keeping Insiders Out

- How do you keep insiders out, when they already have the keys to the network?

Terror Financing Trends

- As banks scrutinize transactions, terrorists find new ways to raise money and funnel it to their associates around the world.

Eyeing Studies About Surveillance Systems

- Two new studies in the United States try to determine if surveillance systems actually influence crime rates.

Project Safe Neighborhoods

- Two cities that implemented the Department of Justice's Project Safe Neighborhoods have seen a dramatic drop in gun violence.

Do Arrests Predict Future Behavior?

- New research indicates that the longer criminals stay clean, the less likely they are to reoffend.

Streamlining Air Passenger Security Screening

- A new study says passenger screening could be improved by separating travelers into two lines: one for low-risk passengers and the other for high-risk passengers.

Ruling Against Fraud Alert Companies

- A recent court ruling dealing a blow to fraud-alert companies leaves consumers in the dark.

Fighting Against the Wind

- New reports on wind-driven fires highlight how specific tools and techniques could help save firefighters' lives.

Identifying Disease Spread on Planes

- Can sensors detect a passenger's pathogens in exhaled particles in an airplane cabin?

Making Sense of Surveillance Claims

- To get the most from digital camera systems, security managers must understand the terms manufacturers use to describe their products.

New Mexico's Private Security Watchdog

- Meet Robert Hamic: he uses his blog to keep other private security providers honest in New Mexico.

Plain Language Not a Communications Panacea

- Many emergency response agencies have switched from code talk to plain language because of the 2006 National Incident Management System Alert, but what's plain language to one agency isn't plain language to another.

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