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Environmental and Security Groups Align

- Security industry groups have joined forces with a surprising partner to change a law that affects security manufacturers.

How Do We View Risks?

- A study on perception finds that people are most often swayed by recent information regardless of the relevance of the data.

Cyber-Neighborhood Watch

- The U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory has created a way for entities to share information on cyberattacks in real time.

The Realities of Suicide by Cop

- Law enforcement agencies are studying shootings by officers to determine whether the victim had suicidal intent. Such information can help in future incidents.

A New Look at Forensics

- Forget everything you've seen on CSI, a new National Research Council report says the only proven forensic science is DNA analysis.

How Safe is Smart Grid?

- Linking electrical utilities together may help them operate more efficiently, but it could also expose the system to cyberattacks.

Protecting Caregivers

- As violence against nurses increases, hospitals should embrace workplace violence training for their staff, experts say.

Keeping Insiders Out

- How do you keep insiders out, when they already have the keys to the network?

Terror Financing Trends

- As banks scrutinize transactions, terrorists find new ways to raise money and funnel it to their associates around the world.

Eyeing Studies About Surveillance Systems

- Two new studies in the United States try to determine if surveillance systems actually influence crime rates.

Project Safe Neighborhoods

- Two cities that implemented the Department of Justice's Project Safe Neighborhoods have seen a dramatic drop in gun violence.

Do Arrests Predict Future Behavior?

- New research indicates that the longer criminals stay clean, the less likely they are to reoffend.

Streamlining Air Passenger Security Screening

- A new study says passenger screening could be improved by separating travelers into two lines: one for low-risk passengers and the other for high-risk passengers.

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