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How to Prepare for Drills

- Surprise emergency drills may seem like the best way to gauge employee readiness, but they may also lead to liability.

Disrupting Terrorist Plans

- Current approaches to counterterrorism are too reactive and defensive, a defense expert argues. Rather, counterterrorism approaches must attack a terror group's moral and physical centers of gravity.


- 38 Percentage of credit card hacking cases that involved the hospitality industry, according to a recently released study by Trustwave's SpiderLabs.

Registered Traveler Program

- The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a bill that would have the Transportation Security Administration integrate a registered traveler program (.pdf) (with private background checks) into airport security procedures.

Threats in the Mail

- Suspicious letters sent to Baltimore officials have raised questions about U.S. Postal Service procedures for dealing with potentially threatening mail.

Judging the Evidence

- A U.S. district judge takes a hard look at the scientific validity of forensic evidence.

What the Nose Knows

- The nose may someday be used as a biometric identifier, but more research is needed to determine whether the capture technology is reliable and cost effective.

Is "Observe and Report" Good Policy?

- After a high-profile incident in the Seattle area, should the security guard industry reevaluate its policy of "observe and report"?

Lightening the Load for Rescue Teams

- One of the nation's top tactical teams needed a biometric capture application that fits on small mobile devices; the solution could benefit many agencies.

Cartels and Corruption

- Drug cartel influence has begun to fester inside U.S. federal law enforcement agencies and spread corruption.

A New Point of View for Police

- Many police departments have squad-car cameras, now a few cities are testing a wearable video system for use away from the vehicle.

Building a New Corporate Security Strategy

- Caterpillar's Director of Global Security Timothy L. Williams, CPP, and members of his security team talk to Security Management about devising a corporate security strategy.

Holes in Hotel Security

- Experts are calling for a renewed emphasis on training for personnel working in the hospitality industry in light of a high-profile stalking case.

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