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The Sounds of Violence

- A U.K. company has developed an audio analytic that can determine if a noise is one of aggression, a cry for help, or something more benign.

Where Will Criminals Strike Next?

- New computer programs allow police to allocate resources to areas where crime is most likely to take place.

Biometrics are Fallible

- Forget CSI, biometrics are inherently fallible, according to a multiyear study by the National Research Council.

Begin at the Beginning

- By understanding where product components originate, security professionals can better control the integrity of the supply chain.

The Art of Secure Shipping

- The Dallas Museum of Art becomes a certified cargo screening facility to ensure precious art work doesn't get opened at the airplort.

Regulating Security Contractors

- Switzerland is leading an international effort to codify a global code of conduct for private security contractors.

Criminal Intent

- A new report says there’s a lack of criminal intent provisions in new criminal laws, so people may be punished for crimes they didn’t know they were committing. Read the report here.

Inside the Guilty Mind

- According to a new report, criminal laws and regulations are lacking a key requirement—the intent to commit a crime.

Protecting Children

- The ASIS International Law Enforcement Liaison Council and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have teamed up to find ways private security can help combat the scourge of missing children.

How to Prepare for Drills

- Surprise emergency drills may seem like the best way to gauge employee readiness, but they may also lead to liability.

Disrupting Terrorist Plans

- Current approaches to counterterrorism are too reactive and defensive, a defense expert argues. Rather, counterterrorism approaches must attack a terror group's moral and physical centers of gravity.


- 38 Percentage of credit card hacking cases that involved the hospitality industry, according to a recently released study by Trustwave's SpiderLabs.

Registered Traveler Program

- The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a bill that would have the Transportation Security Administration integrate a registered traveler program (.pdf) (with private background checks) into airport security procedures.

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