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Getting Out in a Hurry

- When personnel are trapped in a foreign country during a crisis, companies often turn to groups that specialize in evacuations.

Deterring Chemical and Biological Attacks

- The United States should concentrate on detering and dissuading its enemies from developing biological and chemical weapons.

Security Fatigue is a Real Threat

- Even the best security guards have to fight their own biology and environment to stay alert during late-night shifts.

A Little Dab Will Do Ya (In)

- A new DNA test can help law enforcement determine the age of a victim or suspect from a single drop of blood.

Improving Ferry Security

- The Government Accountability Office reports that ferries are an attractive and vulnerable terrorist target.

Anxiety: Catch It

- New research suggests that anxiety may be contagious in animals. Could the theory explain human reactions to issues such as terrorism?

The Sounds of Violence

- A U.K. company has developed an audio analytic that can determine if a noise is one of aggression, a cry for help, or something more benign.

Where Will Criminals Strike Next?

- New computer programs allow police to allocate resources to areas where crime is most likely to take place.

Biometrics are Fallible

- Forget CSI, biometrics are inherently fallible, according to a multiyear study by the National Research Council.

Begin at the Beginning

- By understanding where product components originate, security professionals can better control the integrity of the supply chain.

The Art of Secure Shipping

- The Dallas Museum of Art becomes a certified cargo screening facility to ensure precious art work doesn't get opened at the airplort.

Regulating Security Contractors

- Switzerland is leading an international effort to codify a global code of conduct for private security contractors.

Criminal Intent

- A new report says there’s a lack of criminal intent provisions in new criminal laws, so people may be punished for crimes they didn’t know they were committing. Read the report here.

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