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Identity Theft Task Force

- Reaction to the President's Task Force on Identity Theft.

Transit Security May Now Be on Fast Track

- Legislators are looking into the feasibility of mass transit security standards.

Terrorism and the Iraq Effect

- The Iraq War has not drawn out a fixed number of jihadists but has instead grown their ranks globally according to a new report.

Reforming the Reserves

- Assessing National Guard readiness.

Drug Tracking Heats Up

- Ongoing efforts to track pharmaceuticals along the supply chain.

CCTV Ordinances On the Rise

- CCTV ordinances cause concern.

School Security

- Read past contributor Guillermo Guevara Penso's new report explaining how he cut down on guard fatigue during shifts at the elite Escuela Campo Alegre. For more Guevara, read his feature Patrolling Performance in the September 2006 issue of Security Management.

Time to Give Data Mining the Shaft?

- Data mining and privacy. Some say the concepts are in irretrievable conflict.

Two Studies Examine Fingerprinting

- In turns out that left and right differ even in the mundane world of fingerprint analysis.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Vying for Liftoff

- Though exciting developments are on the horizon, technological and regulatory hurdles remain.

EAS Not a Silver Bullet

- A study on the effectiveness of covert electronic article surveillance technology in the fight against retail shrinkage.

DoD Addresses WMD Threats

- Two new Department of Defense (DoD) documents drive home the threat posed by unconventional weapons.


- The number, in millions of dollars, recovered from funds originally paid out by the federal government for Hurricane Katrina and Rita.

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