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Trade Secret Protection

- Nearly every business has trade secrets, and management must have a program for protecting those assets to reduce risk exposure to the enterprise.

Minimizing the Risks of Online Banking

- What banks need to know about new online risks and how they can arm themselves and their customers to reduce their exposure.

Refining Risk Management

- How to turn risk assessments into effective risk communications.

Fighting Fire with Prevention

- A look at fire prevention and preparedness at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

New Threat Arises in a Flash

- Though most flash mobs are harmless, some groups are capitalizing on the craze to commit robbery.

Catching the Counterfeiters

- What makes drug counterfeiting particularly challenging is that it can be difficult for consumers to figure out whether a pill or medication is the real thing.

Figuring Out Fingerprints

- For years, experts argued that latent fingerprint identification was infallible. That perception has slowly given way to a more realistic view of the science’s shortcomings.

Exploding Terrorist Myths

- Divining human motivation is never easy, and it's doubly difficult when gender bias gets in the way, say those who have studied what motivates female terrorists.

Safeguarding Children

- Nathan had a credit history that went back for 10 years, several credit cards, and a foreclosed home on record. But Nathan was only 14 years old, and his credit history was established by someone who had stolen his Social Security number.

Can the United States Bounce Back?

- Americans may think they are more prepared for a devastating earthquake than they truly are, according to a report on earthquake resilience authored by the National Research Council’s (NRC) Committee on Earthquake Resilience.  

Calculating Casualties

- EMCAPS, a tool used to estimate how many people may be killed or injured in various emergencies, is getting updated.

The Arc of NOAA's Assistance

- The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration does a lot more than let people know when to get out their umbrellas: sometimes it warns them to head for the hills or stack the sandbags.

Notorious Markets

- The Office of the United States Trade Representative has released a list of “notorious markets.” The list includes online and physical locations that have been subject to counterfeiting and anti-piracy enforcement  

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