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- Experts discuss how well the United States is handling the challenges of irregular warfare, and a look at management best practices for preventing maritime pirate attacks.


- A fraudulent document ring is busted by the federal government, and a look at how terrorists use social media.


- Some universities are adding dedicated safety and security managers to help staff and students in their study-abroad programs, and analysts try to determine the best ways to measure counterinsurgency effectiveness.

GPS Tracking Limits

- The U.S. Supreme Court says law enforcement is not allowed to install GPS trackers on people’s cars without a warrant.

Nuclear Threats Ranked

- A new report ranks countries armed with nuclear materials on their contributions to nuclear security.

DNA Data Has New Standards

- A new standard improves DNA sharing.


- Advice on what hospitals need to do if they decide to arm their guards, and a look at the problems of gangs in the military.


- A major court ruling could change the way eyewitness testimony is viewed in court, and Chicago releases years of criminal data.

Immunizing Tipsters

- Legislation proposes immunizing terror tipsters from lawsuits.

Calling All Protesters

- An agency’s attempt to ban cell phone service in advance of a protest raises questions about balancing safety and civil rights.

Trade Secret Protection

- Nearly every business has trade secrets, and management must have a program for protecting those assets to reduce risk exposure to the enterprise.

Minimizing the Risks of Online Banking

- What banks need to know about new online risks and how they can arm themselves and their customers to reduce their exposure.

Refining Risk Management

- How to turn risk assessments into effective risk communications.

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