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- Find out how Philadelphia’s City Center District helps coordinate police activities with business interests to reduce crime and make the city more attractive to businesses and tourists.


- A look at why crime statistics can be misleading and analysis of an appellate court verdict that exonerated an employee who stole proprietary code before leaving for another job.

A Monumental Task

- A physical security information system, which brings together multiple security applications, is being tested on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., home to national treasures like the Lincoln Memorial and host to key events from July 4th celebrations to the Presidential inauguration.


- Experts discuss how well the United States is handling the challenges of irregular warfare, and a look at management best practices for preventing maritime pirate attacks.


- A fraudulent document ring is busted by the federal government, and a look at how terrorists use social media.


- Some universities are adding dedicated safety and security managers to help staff and students in their study-abroad programs, and analysts try to determine the best ways to measure counterinsurgency effectiveness.

GPS Tracking Limits

- The U.S. Supreme Court says law enforcement is not allowed to install GPS trackers on people’s cars without a warrant.

Nuclear Threats Ranked

- A new report ranks countries armed with nuclear materials on their contributions to nuclear security.

DNA Data Has New Standards

- A new standard improves DNA sharing.


- Advice on what hospitals need to do if they decide to arm their guards, and a look at the problems of gangs in the military.


- A major court ruling could change the way eyewitness testimony is viewed in court, and Chicago releases years of criminal data.

Immunizing Tipsters

- Legislation proposes immunizing terror tipsters from lawsuits.

Calling All Protesters

- An agency’s attempt to ban cell phone service in advance of a protest raises questions about balancing safety and civil rights.

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