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News and Trends

- Terrorism is increasing and becoming decentralized, plus experts recommend changes to the government’s disaster response.

News & Trends

- A report advocates a new model for designing security regulations, and a look at crime related to sports.

News and Trends

- A look at global piracy and how risk is shifting, plus the worldwide dearth of business leaders with vision and high-level strategic thinking.

News & Trends

- What the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight means for aviation security, and guidance for food import safety.

European Style Corruption

- Corruption is costing Europe billions of euros every year and anticorruption advocates say that action is long overdue.

News & Trends

- An update on the status of drones in the United States and cybercrime’s effects on the global economy.

News & Trends

- Cruise line security comes under scrutiny, and several states refuse to comply with Real ID requirements.

Hackers Turn to Cargo Crime

- Criminals no longer need to break into physical cargo when they can control shipments electronically.

Behind the Numbers

- Crimes Against Property

Shedding Light On Sandy Hook

- Lessons learned from Sandy Hook.

Are Evacuation Practices Flawed?

- Emerging notification technology can also track evacuees, and an app tells a college community how to respond in a crisis.

Micromanaging Terror

- By using managerial tools to conserve resources and control followers, leaders of terrorist groups are making their activities easier to track.


- A new report questions the security of nuclear facilities, and a look at a tool that visualizes the small arms trade around the globe.

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