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Handheld Detector

- The MINI Z is a handheld Z Backscat­ter imaging scanner for portable detection of hidden organic threats, such as drugs, contraband, plastic guns, ceramic knives, and explosives.


- Salient Systems Corporation of Austin, Texas, has introduced a hosted video surveillance service powered by Dell OEM Solutions.


- Smiths Detection of Danbury, Connect­icut, has launched the HazMatID Elite, a device that identifies explosives, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrials, and narcotics.


- The XCAT hand-held detection system from RedXDefense of Rockville, Maryland, offers a one-step, one-platform detection system for narcotics, explosives, and gunshot resi­due.


- The GUARDION from Smiths Detection of Danbury, Connecticut, is a next-generation chemical threat detector that combines high-speed, high-resolution gas chromatography and a toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer in a port­a­ble device.


- ILC Dover of Frederica, Dela­ware, offers an escape mask that meets the stringent standards set by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for respirators that are effective for 30 minutes for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and carbon monoxide protection.

Weapon Detection

- Law enforcement, military, and other security forces can instantly detect concealed weapons and contraband at a safe distance using the ACT system, designed by Thermal Matrix USA of Tampa, Florida. It combines the safety of stand-off inspection with the accuracy and reliability of a pat-down search.

Chemical Detector

- Environics USA of Abingdon, Maryland, has introduced the ChemProFX, a permanently mounted gas and vapor detector that provides continuous detection of chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and selected toxic industrial chemicals (TICs).

Chemical Detection

- ChemSight CS450 series detectors detect and identify airborne chemicals within seconds. It can monitor air up to 45 meters away and detect and identify multiple chemicals and interferants.

Biological Detector

- The SmartBio Sensor from Smiths Detection of Edgewood, Maryland, now has increased sensitivity and enhanced software to detect airborne biological microbes and biotoxins, with active monitoring and classification to help protect against biological threats.

Detection System

- The Fido Verdict is a palm-size instrument for rapidly identifying suspicious liquids, solids, and powered materials. Made by ICx Technologies of Arlington, Virginia, the detector was designed for the identification of explosives, dangerous liquids, narcotics, and other threats.

Radiation Detectors

- ICx Technologies of Arlington, Virginia, has released the radHUNTER, a sensitive and accurate hand-held gamma radionuclide identification device.

Chemical Detector

- Smiths Centurion is an advanced early-warning chemical detector designed to detect a wide range of chemical warfare and toxic industrial chemicals.

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