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A Case of Rogue Gatherings (and other CPTED Tales)

- Find out how Canada's Police Service in Calgary has spread the word on CPTED and translated it into action.

Effective Physical Security, Third Edition

- Asset protection and management pose unique and ever-shifting challenges, but the foundation principles on which these fields are based remain the same. For those basic components of physical security controls, one need look no further than the third edition of this Lawrence Fennelly work. It's a compilation of informative essays written by security professionals expert in various topics.

IT Gains Clout in Making Security Decisions

- The convergence of physical and IT security might worry physical security experts who dread the idea of having to learn the intricacies of bits and bytes. But there may be little choice: As CCTV systems increasingly rely on data networks, vendors are beginning to pay more attention to the IT department.

Premises liability

- (Feinstein v. Beers, Massachusetts Court of Appeals, No. 01-P-1635, 2004)

Did You Know That?

- According to a recent survey by the Defense Manpower Data Center, active-duty U.S. troops have gotten the message about sexually harassing behavior. Over a seven-year period, the rate of harassment of female colleagues dropped from 46 percent to 24 percent, with fewer incidents by Marines spurring the decline. @ A summary of the survey is on SM Online.

Orchestrating an Integrated Performance

- A physical security program should harmonize four core components, including the oft-overlooked human factor.

Virtual Border Fencing A Go Despite Problems

- Virtual fencing, to be deployed by the Department of Homeland Security, may not work as contractor promised.

From Jericho to Jersey Barrier

- To ensure that security barriers won't fall if subjected to a car-bomb attack, businesses must properly assess the risk and select the right barrier for the job.

World Trade Center

- Though it will not issue any recommendations until it releases a draft of the final investigation report in December, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been making solid technical progress in its probe of the World Trade Center (WTC) collapse.

Did You Know That?

- The rise in urban gang activity has in the past been correlated with economic downturns. But according to a study summarized in the NIJ Journal, gang activity increases in rural areas when times are good. The study's authors postulate that "this may be because economic growth brings inner-city families to outlying areas," according to the study. @ The article is on SM Online.

No Child Left Unsafe

- Find out how the Newark, New Jersey, School District protects students, staff, and visitors at its 82 schools.

Premises liability

- (Maheshwari v. City of New York, New York Court of Appeals, No. 54, 2004)

Illuminating Parking Protection

- Find out how security in parking areas can be enhanced through good design of traffic patterns, barriers, access controls, and lighting.

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