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- SRI International Sarnoff of Menlo Park, California, offers a new solution for integrating biometric identification into existing security systems. The IOM PassPort SL delivers the free flow and proven performance of Iris on the Move (IOM) technology in a flexible design. The versatile system includes face capture and dual-iris recognition components and can be integrated directly into existing turnstiles, infrastructures, and entrances. Individuals are identified as they walk through the system. With a processing speed of 30 people per minute and the accuracy of biometric identification, the system is ideal for high-volume security applications.

Biometric Cards

- Zwipe of Oslo, Norway, has launched a new biometric card, a contactless smart card credential with on-card fingerprint reading.


- Fulcrum Biometrics of San Antonio, Texas, now offers the Fujitsu PalmSecure palm vein sensor bundled with new FbF Palm Vein bio­Server and developer tools for fast, easy development of biometric solutions.


- SwipeClock of Salt Lake City, Utah, has extended its line of timekeeping solutions by add­ing the Schlage biometric Hand­Punch GT-400 from Ing­ersoll Rand Security Tech­nol­ogies of Carmel, Indiana.




- Integrated Biometrics of Spartanburg, South Carolina, has introduced Watson-Mini, a small, fast, two-finger scanner that has achieved FBI Appendix F certification.


- MorphoTrack, Inc., of Alex­an­dria, Virginia, has introduced the MorphoAccess VP Series, a range of physical access control terminals that integrate multimodal technology combining finger vein and fingerprint bi­ometrics. The technology offers security and accuracy that outperform single-mode devices.

Signature Card

- Morpho of Paderborn, Germany, part of the Safran Group, announced the EAL5+ Common Criteria certification of its Ideal Citiz smart card by the Network and Information Security Agency in France.

iView Systems


Iris Scanner

- Hoyos Corporation of San Juan, Puerto Rico, has added a new, smaller iris-scanning device to its suite of identity management products. The EyeSwipe-Nano can capture iris images from 20 people per minute—individuals glance at the aunit as they walk toward it.

iView Systems


Biometric Reader

- ZK Software of Piscataway, New Jersey, has introduced a dual biometric reader, which can verify a person’s identity by face, fingerprint, RFID card, or PIN in less than two seconds. The iFace can store up to 10,000 fingerprints, 700 face templates, and 100,000 transactions.

Biometrics Collection

- Northrop Grumman Corporation of Reston, Virginia, has developed BioTRAC, a rugged, portable identity management system for secure and efficient multimodal biometrics collection in the field.

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