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Retrofit Kits

- Security Door Controls of Camarillo, California, offers the SDC E1200-390MP Retrofit Mounting Plate, which uses the same template and existing mounting holes for replacing the discontinued Locknetics 390+ with the SCD E1200 magnetic lock. There is no need to replace the armature—only a new wiring hole is required.

Control Panels

- Honeywell of Melville, New York, has released the VISTA Turbo Series of security system control panels. The new models are ideal for large installations, with faster clock speed and code improvement for enhanced performance.



Access Control

- A new intuitive graphical user interface is one of the enhancements to the AEOS 3.0 management platform from Nedap N.V. Security Management of Groenlo, The Neth­erlands.

Access Control Software

- Secura Key of Chatsworth, California, has released SK-NET Version 4.02, which includes enhancements that allow the software to work better with SK-EZ/ID Photo Badge Design and Printing Software for making large numbers of photos and using large photo file sizes.

Tailgate Detection

- The Door Detective Compact from Smarter Security Systems of Austin, Texas, protects open doors from tailgaters and other unauthorized entries. The new smaller, lower-cost model is also more dura­ble, with stainless steel head units. LED lane-status indicator lights flash green or red to convey authorization or alarm.

Access Control

- Matrix Systems of Miamisburg, Ohio, offers a low-cost, Web-based access control system, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Frontier Web Essentials offers unattended administration for facilities that don’t have dedicated IT staff or security supervisors, but authorized personnel can monitor and control door access from an on-site or remote PC via a standard Web browser. The system uses the HID VertX controller and embedded software with fully encrypted IP connectivity that controls up to 16 doors and 500 cardholders.

Access Control Software

- Software House of Westford, Massachusetts, has released C-CURE 9000 Enterprise access control software for scalable central management of building security for mul­ti­site installations.

Access Control System

- Matrix Systems of Miamisburg, Ohio, offers Frontier Universe open architecture access control software, which is compatible with leading subsystem manufacturers including Mercury Security and HID.

Access Control

- IndigoVision of Edinburgh, Scotland, has updated its Cardex integration module so that video can be viewed with­in Cardax FT Command Centre, the company’s central management tool.

Exit Hardware

- Detex Corporation of New Braunfels, Texas, has announced an exclusive advancement in exit devices. The patented Detex Delayed Egress/Latch Retraction device integrates both functions for more efficient operation.

Request-to-Exit Switches

- Camden Door Controls of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has announced that its request-to-exit switches have been tested to the UL 294 standard for access control systems and found to be in compliance, making them suitable for virtually any access control project.

Access Control

- Software House of Westford, Massachusetts, has added critical security functionality to the latest version of its C•CURE 9000 security and event management system.

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