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A Winning Team

- Training new security officers at gaming and wagering properties should result in all stakeholders winning, hands down.

Casino Security and Gaming Surveillance

- In this new work, coauthors Derk Boss and Alan Zajic combine more than 58 years’ experience protecting gaming and related industries to fill a void in the security literature of this unique sector.

Mystery Players: How Casinos Catch the Careless, the Cheats, and the Corrupt

- Sometimes that gentleman playing blackjack with you at the casino isn't an insurance salesman from Duluth.

The Game Is On

- Some players aren't what they seem: they're at the table to help casinos catch cheaters and assess how well employees follow protocols.

Fast Track to Fire Safety

- How Oaklawn Racing and Gaming in Hot Springs, Arkansas, revamped its fire system while the facility was being expanded.

U.K. Researchers Develop Anti-Card Counting Surveillance Tool

- Two researchers in the United Kingdom believe they have developed one more tool in a casino's arsenal to ensure the house almost always wins, according to New Scientist.

When the Chips are Down

- The economic downturn has led to a notable increase in employee theft, particularly at casinos, but there are many ways for gaming establishments to reduce the risk and improve their odds of protecting the bottom line.

Atlantic City Casino Security Can Detain Underage Gamblers, Drinkers

- Underage drinkers and gamblers trying to illegally live it up in America's Playground have more to worry about than just being carded, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Casinos Fear iPhone Card-Counting Application

- Casino security officials have a new threat to contend with as technology continues to make cheating easier: blackjack card-counting applications for the iPhone and iTouch.

No Gambling on Surveillance

- Atlantic City's treasure, the Borgata Casino and Spa, minds it gaming floor with a massive camera system and other loss-prevention technologies.

Private security

- A bill (H.B. 1086) currently pending in the North Dakota Assembly would allow private security personnel to carry firearms while on duty in a gaming establishment or a business that sells liquor. Under current state law, private security personnel are not allowed to carry firearms while working in such businesses.

CCTV Lowers the Stakes

- A casino in upstate New York bets on digital video.

Deal Fraud Out

- How two gaming operations are turning the tables on fraudsters.

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