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The Mark Center Makes Its Mark

- Learn how a new consolidated Department of Defense facility, the Mark Center, is setting the bar for physical security that will likely be adopted for other high-security buildings as well.

Morning Security Brief: Arrest Records, Maritime Cybersecurity, Maricopa County Immigration, and More

- A new study says a third of Americans have been arrested. The EU issues its first report on maritime cybersecurity. DHS takes over immigration duties from Maricopa County. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Internet Piracy, Excessive Force Charges in Seattle, Drones, and More

- Online piracy bill stirs heated debate; Former NBA security director says he was fired for reporting how women were treated; Seattle police charged with excessive use of force in federal report; and more.

Morning Security Brief: Craigslist Robberies, Secure Communities, and a Police Impersonator

- Robbers are using Craigslist to target holiday bargain shoppers. U.S. citizens are constantly being swept up by Secure Communities because of flaws in DHS databases. New Hampshire police are searching for a police impersonator. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Sharing Biometric Data, TWIC Errors, Bay Area Copper Thefts, and More

- NIST publishes a new standard for sharing biometric data. TWIC error impacts thousands of transportation workers. Copper theft problems in the Bay Area. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Border Security, 2012 Oylmpic Security, Protecting the Power Grid, and More

- Critics say the cost of National Guardsmen on the border isn't worth it. The 2012 Olympic games try to add security but stay close to budget. MIT researchers suggest a government agency oversee utilities cybersecurity. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Americans As Enemy Combatants, Human Rights Monitoring, National Retail Security Survey, and More

- The CIA says it's legal to kill an American citizen abroad if they are fighting alongside the enemy. The Canadian Human Rights Commission wants security organizations to monitor and disclose their human rights performance. The final findings of the 2010 National Retail Security Survey published. And more.

South Korea Testing Out Robotic Prison Guards

- Over the next month, South Korea's prison service will engage in a trial test of the feasibility of robot wardens in its prisons.

Case Study

- Allen County, Ohio, wanted to control access rights and to track any changes in the system. A software program helped IT address these data security concerns.

Corralling Corruption in the EU

- Several programs developed for countries within the European Union are designed to hinder corruption by promoting transparency and integrity.

FEMA Promotes Innovation In Emergency Management

- FEMA creates an online forum to gather ideas on improving disaster preparedness response.

Did the Emergency Alert System Fail Its First Test?

- Initial reactions to the nationwide Emergency Alert System test scheduled for Wednesday show it may still have some kinks to work out.

FEMA Releases Video About Planned Nationwide Emergency Alert Test

- Across the nation, a three minute set of beeps and tones, followed by a voice repeating, “this is a test,” will be broadcast simultaneously on all regularly scheduled television, radio, cable, and satellite programs.

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