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National Guard

- Two bills (S. 430 and H.R. 718) introduced by Sen. Christopher Bond (R-MO) and Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) would require the military to identify gaps between federal and state capabilities to respond to emergencies that have been created by the deployment of National Guard troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. The bill would also make the Chief of the National Guard Bureau a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


- The Senate Judiciary Committee recently held a hearing to examine the privacy and civil liberties concerns surrounding the driver's license requirements mandated under the REAL ID Act. Witnesses also evaluated two new bills - S. 717 and H.R. 1117 - that would repeal REAL ID and require a new set of standards for driver's licenses. You can read the full testimony here.

Identity Theft

- The recommendations are in from the President's Task Force on Identity Theft: the strategic plan advises four broad policy changes including that federal agencies reduce the unnecessary use of Social Security numbers.


- Washington Governor Christine Gergoire has signed a bill (S.B. 5087) into law that blocks the implementation of a federal driver's license program, known as REAL ID. Under the new state law, Washington would implement REAL ID if it is altered to include full funding and privacy protection for state residents. Right now, the law is an unfunded mandate, and critics say that privacy issues have not been addressed.


- The government has developed guidelines and a set of best practices for RFID use in federal agencies and private corporations. The best practices are intended to reduce the privacy and security risks associated with RFID.


- The DoD has issued a final rule requiring that its contractors use RFID technology to track specific materials, including packaged petroleum products, chemicals, additives, and construction equipment.

Driving the Debate on Driver’s Licenses

- Is there any hope of a more secure driver’s license?

Genetic discrimination

- The House Education and Labor Committee’s Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions held a hearing on H.R. 493, a bill that would outlaw genetic discrimination.

Drivers’ Licenses

- Read the proposed rule on what states must do to meet the new driver’s license requirements of the REAL ID Act of 2005. The rule is out for comment until May 8th.

How Smart is the Government's Plan?

- As government pushes ahead with its smart card initiative, it will help drive the technology into the corporate world.

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