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Morning Security Brief: Detecting IEDs from the Air, HSBC Investigated, Flash Drought, and More

- IED detection from the air. A new report says lax controls at HSBC allowed it to be used by criminals to move money. Fifty-five percent of the U.S. is in drought conditions. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Data Protection, Bird Flu, Drug Tunnels, and More

- New York State Public Service Commission says utilities companies failed to protect customer data. Mexico kills 2.5 birds to contain H7N3 outbreak. New drug tunnels found in Mexico and Arizona. And more.

Morning Security Brief: License Plate Readers, Hospital Network Security, Drug Detection Dogs, and More

- The DEA changes license plate data retention policy after reporter asks questions about license plate readers. A survey examines how hospitals are securing their networks. The Nevada Highway Patrol is questioning the efficacy of drug sniffing dogs. And more.

Morning Security Brief: NSA Won’t Read Your E-mail, Border Security Savings, Emergency Communication, and More

- NSA head says it won’t read your e-mail. Interior border stations to close. POTUS signs Executive Order to further emergency communications. And more.

Morning Security Brief: BioWatch Problems, Court Rules in IRA Interviews Case, UK CCTV Numbers, and More

- An L.A. Times feature explains why BioWatch is “the biodefender that cries wolf.” A U.S. court says police investigations take precedence over academic research. UK CCTV estimate released. And more.

Border Security

- A bill (H.R. 4119) that would criminalize the act of conspiring to illegally cross the border into the United States has been approved by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The bill has been presented to President Obama for his signature.

A Monumental Task

- A physical security information system, which brings together multiple security applications, is being tested on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., home to national treasures like the Lincoln Memorial and host to key events from July 4th celebrations to the Presidential inauguration.


- Experts discuss how well the United States is handling the challenges of irregular warfare, and a look at management best practices for preventing maritime pirate attacks.

Morning Security Brief: Taliban Attacks Kabul Hotel, Wildlife Protection Stripped from Border Areas, Paypal Bounty Program

- The death toll from the Taliban’s attack on a Kabul hotel on Thursday reaches 20. The House passes a bill giving border security priority over protecting the environment. PayPal offers money to find bugs. And more.

Google's New Hacking Alert Raises Questions From Users

- Google’s security blog left a lot of questions unanswered when it announced that the company would begin alerting some of its users when their computers or accounts were being targeted by state-sponsored attackers.

Nigeria’s Security Challenges

- Government corruption, gangs, and terrorism are among the challenges facing Nigeria and threatening its stability.


- A new law (P.L. 112-98) strengthens penalties for trespassing on certain federal properties. Current federal law prohibits unauthorized entry to any building or grounds where the President is visiting. However, there was no federal law specifically prohibiting unlawful entry to the White House and its grounds or the vice president’s residence and its grounds.

Report: Biometric Data Being Collected with 'Little to No Standards, Oversight, or Transparency'

- The extensive collection and sharing of biometric information among government agencies is detrimental to both immigrant communities and U.S. citizens because of possible errors and a breakdown of privacy, says a joint white paper released by the Immigration Policy Center and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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