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- A look at the challenge of avoiding vigilance fatigue for those facing long-term security threats, and how the FBI uses television shows to help solve crime.

Morning Security Brief: Alleged Bombers Planned More Attacks, Court Reverses Fraud Convictions, and More

- Authorities suspect that the alleged Boston bombers had more attacks planned, a federal appeals court reverses a fraud conviction based on the “honest services” theory, and the fertilizer facility in West, Texas, was storing ammonium nitrate.

Morning Security Brief: Background Checks on Gun Purchases, Nuclear Emergencies, and Law Enforcement Corruption

- U.S. Senators agree to background checks at gun shows, a report urges the government to better research emergency response to a nuclear disaster, and two agents charged with investigating corruption are found falsifying records.

Morning Security Brief: European Privacy Policies, Border Security, and School Safety

- European data protection authorities launch investigations of Google, the government fights illegal border crossings at Indian reservations, and the Indiana legislature considers placing an armed officer at every public school.

Lessons From Last Year's Destructive Derecho

- When a small thunderstorm cell that formed in central Iowa in June 2012 grew into a monster storm called a derecho, 22 people lost their lives, and residents from the Midwest to the East Coast suffered extensive property loss and power outages. Read about how the states of Maryland and Virginia used the experience to develop recommendations for making utilities and the cities they serve more resilient to future storms.

Morning Security Brief: Largest DDoS Attack Ever, Questions About Government Cell Phone Tracking, and More

- Lessons from the largest distributed denial of service attack in history; what the ACLU found in e-mails from the Justice Department about phone tracking; How Mexican drug cartels use children as young as 11, and more.

Morning Security Brief: Discovering the Motives of Hackers, Arming Teachers, and Defending Whistleblowers

- Experts ponder the motives of hackers, a Utah bill requires disclosure if teachers are armed, and the U.S. government orders a company to pay whistleblowers.

Morning Security Brief: Drone Experiments, Gun Laws, and More

- A U.S. government agency experimented with the domestic use of drones back in 2004 and 2005, and New York claims to have enacted the strictest gun law in the nation.

Morning Security Brief: Sexual Assault on College Campuses, Spillover Violence, and Human Trafficking

- A university erred in failing to release reports of sexual assaults on campus. A GAO report attempts to measure spillover violence from the southwest border. And efforts to curb human trafficking are underway.

Morning Security Brief: Supreme Court Hears DNA Collection Case, Workplace Shootings, Internet Piracy

- The U.S. Supreme Court heard a case yesterday on whether DNA can be collected by law enforcement without a warrant for comparison in unsolved crimes. A shooting spree has occurred at a plant in Switzerland. Prosecution will not proceed against the owner of an Internet streaming site accused of piracy.

Audits Reveal Security Flaws at CDC Biolabs

- After private government audits, the laboratories at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been cited for improperly securing potential bioterror agents and for a lack of training given to employees who work with them.

Morning Security Brief: Criminal Background Screening, Physical Security Standards, Domestic Violence Policy, and More

- The government urges federal contractors to use criminal background screening sparingly. The GAO says that physical security at government facilities could be improved. And all government agencies must develop policies to deal with domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking in the workplace.

A Conventional Victory

- Public and private security agencies coordinated plans and handled everything from VIP protection to Hurricane Isaac at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

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