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Collapse and Consequences

- The collapse of the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis was a reminder that 72,000 bridges in this country are structurally deficient. How did we get here? By using the wrong infrastructure management model.

Security Gets in the Game

- Security and the sissy factor.

Picture of Innovation

- A palette of new technologies provides a picture of innovation in the security industry. Editor's Note--see correction.

One in a Million

- Schools learn a lesson about security.

Trick and Treat

- Privacy, security, and hypocrisy.

Border Measures at Cross Purposes

- Is the focus on the Mexico border leaving a northern exposure?

Lady Luck Vs. the Terrorists

- When it comes to fighting terrorism, it’s smart to be lucky.

Private No More

- What Socrates can teach us about privacy concerns.

Too Important for Security

- An incident at the U.S. Capitol underscores that no one should be above security.

You Might Be a Terrorist If...

- The pitfalls of profiling terrorists. (Updated)

Porn, Toys, and Homeland Security

- A 53-year-old man was arrested earlier this year in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on charges of possession of child pornography. The arrest was part of a U.S. Homeland Security Department initiative called Operation Predator.

Border Measures at Cross Purposes

- The obsession with the Mexican border is only one of the holes in our border net. Another is that we can’t really ID people at border checkpoints.

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