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Government to Fund Synthetic Telepathy Research

- A team of researchers at University of California Irvine will study the use of synthetic telepathy.

Raising the Bar

- Despite a slow economy, security salaries rose steadily, according to the latest ASIS International U.S. salary survey.

Anti-Terror Toxin Rules May Impede Research and International Cooperation, Say Experts

- Scientists complain of red tape that hinders their ability to construct research facilities that handle deadly agents and share such agents with international partners.

NIST Calls for Better Technologies to Spot Infrastructure Decay

- NIST will invest in research to develop technology that can identify critical infrastructures in need of repair and replacement.

Digital Photos: Seeing Shouldn't Always Lead to Believing

- Powerful software programs can make it difficult to know whether a digital photograph is the real McCoy or a fraud.

FBI Bulletins

- Researchers have found that most people will omit the truth rather than tell an outright lie. People will also choose words that camouflage the truth without knowing that they are leaving behind clues for investigators to piece together, according to a recent FBI bulletin.


- Phishing scams cost Americans $3.6 billion last year, up 10 percent from 2006, according to Gartner Research.

Voting Machines

- States are continuing to explore ways to secure electronic voting after a New York University study found that electronic voting machines could be compromised, with software attacks easiest to pull off.

Will Your Vote Count?

- Academic and state studies find that electronic voting machines are vulnerable to tampering.

Boise Most Vulnerable City in Western U.S. to Terrorist Attack

- Many cities on the East Coast are highly vulnerable to a terrorist attack, especially those with ports.

Can Design Affect Suicide-Bomber Casualty Rates?

- Yes, says a new study from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Security Research

- The European Union has published a considerable amount of information about its Framework Programs, its principal vehicle to fund scientific and technological research and development. A general outline is available here and the program’s homepage can be viewed here.. The EU accepts online submissions, send them here. 

Heart Monitors Can Be Hacked, Researchers Say

- A research team has hacked into a defibrillator, but says the possibility that others will try and succeed are low.

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