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Smart Guns to Prevent Friendly Fire Unworkable, Lab Says

- After the recent friendly fire accident that killed an off-duty New York police officer, the New York Police Department investigated technology that could prevent these tragedies in the future. There's one major complication: the lab researching the technology says it's currently nonviable.

As Economy Worsens, More Americans Fear Card Fraud and Identity Theft

- A majority of Americans fear having their identities stolen as well as other types of fraud, particularly involving payment cards, according to a new survey by the Unisys Security Index.

Challenges of Coming Together

- Three industry giants share their thoughts and advice on the convergence of traditional physical/operational security with IT security.

National Security

- Despite concerns about America’s relationship with the world, experts are more optimistic about U.S. foreign policy and national security than they have been since Foreign Policy and the Center for American Progress began surveying them in July 2006.

United States and Germany Sign Research Treaty to Protect Homeland Security

- The United States and Germany signed a civil security research treaty today that will open top-secret U.S. laboratories and their research and development to its cross-Atlantic ally, Spiegel Online reports.

Survey Helps Show Why Radicalization Less of a Problem in U.S. than Elsewhere

- A new survey on American Muslims helps show why radicalization in the United States is less of a problem than in other regions such as Europe and provides a complex picture of just who American Muslims are and an insight into whether they are achieving their American Dream.

Laboratory Security

- Find out more about the new and controversial National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility to be built at Kansas State University. The lab will research biological threats such as animal diseases that can be transferred to humans.

Biodefense Lab Finds Home in Manhattan, Kansas

- The Department of Homeland Security approved plans yesterday to build a biodefense lab in Kansas despite fears that a pathogenic release could spread deadly diseases throughout the mid-West's agricultural sector.

Are Robot Soldiers More Ethical than Humans?

- A research scientist at Georgia Institute of Technology is hypothesizing that intelligent robots can behave more ethically than humans on the battlefield.

British Reveal Risk Register

- Once extremely confidential, the British government has decided to publish online this year's risk assessment.

With New Nonlethal Weapons Comes Controversy

- New nonlethal weapons near release and in development spark debate: "Just how safe are they?"

A New Generation for 911

- The government is testing new technology that will allow 911 centers to receive text messages from those in distress.

Quality Control

- Substandard antimalarials are not only killing the afflicted but are also producing highly resistant strains of the disease, reports a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

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